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Modeling improvements include: New features for the Knife-tool, like free-hand cuts drawing and closing cut-loops using double click, a new selection method called "Select Similar Regions", Bevel weight support for vertices in Bevel modifier, ...


Knife Tool

File:Rl knife tool.png
Freehand draw cuts using the Knife-tool
  • Knife-tool now allows cuts to be drawn free-hand when holding down the left mouse button (bfa75dc99063)
  • Knife-tool can close the cut-loop by double clicking (497a26665c4900)
  • Knife-cuts along existing edges now selects them for more predictable outcome (6fb1e1680bcd)
  • Many fixes and improvements to overall robustness

Other Tools

  • Smooth tool: Hard min/max values of smooth factor are now a bit more permissive, allowing user to set extreme unrealistic ones (soft values remain in safe, normal range) (fb7f06288d38)
  • Shrink/Fatten now uses face-normals when used in face-mode (1ddfe6676de1b38)
File:Proportional editing mode for individual origins.png
Individual Origins mode supports proportional editing
  • Individual Origins mode now supports proportional editing (6a45b2a2324277)


File:Select more less adjacent.png
Old (above) and new behavior for select more/less
  • Select more/less can now step over adjacent faces. This keeps a square shaped selection when using grid topology (a081a4817cf43e)

Select Similar Regions

File:Mesh SelectSimilar FaceRegions.png
Before & after selecting similar face regions

This allows you to select matching features on a model that has multiple similar areas.

This is available from: Face -> Select Similar -> Face Regions

  • Multiple similar regions can be selected at once.
  • Selection is based on topology (so proportions don't have to match, but topology does)


Data Handling

  • Shapekeys reordering (Move up/down) has been rewritten, only change visible from user is new options to move on top/bottom of the list (from extra menu) (00ff9da2eecd)