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Feature Videos

Blender Developer Sneak Peeks

Starting early 2014, Thomas Beck (BFCT & Blender developer) shows you in his "Blender Developer Sneak Peek" video series once a week new blender features that are currently in development. Over time, many of the features found in this release were topics in the show and can be watched now everytime you like in Full HD.

Below you'll find all videos, starting with the oldest one for this release.

#16 - Slot renaming, Cycles & GreasePencil

  • Rename render slots
  • Border Selection in the image editor
  • Naming of autosaved files changed (Original filename + process id)


  • Cameras inside volumes are supported
  • Specular colors in the viewport can now be adjusted
  • There is a new "Max Bounces" option for lamps
  • GeForce 9xx are now supported

Grease Pencil

  • Attached to Scene by default
  • Filling of strokes & Volumetric strokes
  • Before and after colors for Onion skin
  • Edit strokes, DW and DQ Pies
  • Animate stroke properties
  • Convert to & many tools are now in the toolbar
<youtube width="640" height="360">51L5g-sOKeI</youtube>

#17 - Tracking, Animation, UI & Modelling

Movie Clip Editor:
  • New Screen Layout
  • More than 20 times faster affine tracking

Graph Editor:

  • H for hiding
  • Alt+H for unhiding
  • Shift H Only selected


  • Fullscreen Editor (Alt F10), (Alt F9 toggles the header)
  • Pie confirm threshold
  • Chinese characters can now be entered in text buttons with IME (Input Method Editors)
  • PKey does not automatically start the game engine when not in "game" engine
  • New theme is in trunk (Flatty light)


  • A new Freehand Knife Tool is now available (hold down the left mouse button), close the loop by double clicking
  • Shrink / Fatten in Face Mode now uses the face normals
  • Select More / Less can now step over adjacent faces (for square shaped selections)
  • Select similar regions
  • Individual Origins mode now supports proportional editing
<youtube width="640" height="360">5Qb9npGeM2M</youtube>

#18 - 3D view, Texture Painting, VSE & Freestyle

3D View:
  • World Background now realtime and settable via nodes

Texture Painting:

  • Add Simple UV : Simple Cube unwrap followed by a pack operation
  • Radial operators (F, Shift F, Ctrl F, Shift D) can now be altered by typing numbers
  • Grab & Snake Hook Brushes support strength parameter


  • Backdrops
  • Waveform display all at once or off
  • Slip tool (S)
  • Strip snapping (start and endpoints) by holding Ctrl when initiated with G


  • SVG exporter
<youtube width="640" height="360">vMwHC2-24vI</youtube>

Sneak Peek Playlists

If you'd like to watch all videos in a row then use the complete playlist for the current series. If you'd like to be informed about the features in the upcoming release be sure to look out for the new Developer Sneak Peeks 2.74 playlist on YouTube or subscribe.

Have fun & happy Blending!

Predictive tracking

Here is a nice demonstration of speed improvements which came with predictive tracking by Sebastian Koenig. But speed is really just one aspect of the new tracking method. It is also more accurate and robust.

<vimeo width="640" height="360" style="text-align:right;">116232576</vimeo>