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Blender 2.73: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision eb464ee to e961c06, inclusive. Count: 227

3D View

  • Fix T41939: Dupliface: Inherit scale doesn't update viewport render. (f1976cb)
  • Fix T41984: Can't use Render Image as Background Image. (653b670)
  • Fix T41920: Changing Use Alpha settings doesn't refresh viewport properly. (502f6d5)
  • Fix T42093: Segfault when trying to free unallocated depths zbuffer (border-zoom in 3DView). (9e53a97)
  • Fix T42075: DnD Material not updating render view. (81c4c29)
  • Fix T42074: Textured lamps influncing other layers. (14c57b6)
  • Fix T42264: Negative scale & clipped-select fails. (3138d39)
  • Fix T42313: Ruler always measures 0.0 (6bd53bb)
  • Fix T42441: Smoke doesn't render in 3DView if domain object's maximum draw type is set to "wire". (3ea11c1)
  • Fix T42492: Shading error with fresnel weight node. (d1eb762)
  • Fix T42622: Environment texture GLSL result different from rendering. (102d3ad)
  • Fix T42618: Lock to view + autokey bug. (92f13f7)
  • Fix T42846: Drawing modified curves crashes. (8fe336c)
  • Fix T42184: Normal not displayed correctly in Material Viewport (d9ddc99)
  • Fix T42875: GLSL display not correct in vertex array mode. (d6beaad)
  • Fix T42917: Shadow maps not working on ATIs. (3e61478)
  • Fix T42945: Imperial Snap Grid Element Perspective. (5cc199e)
  • Fix View3d background image display aspect. (640af5c)
  • Fix black matcap when using particle system. (480d9ea)
  • Fix for 3D Ruler crash maximizing view. (5b93c6e)
  • Fix border would jitter on panning. (04c3f6e)


  • Fix T40350: Some texture prop did not have visual feedback they were driven. (8cb1b35)
  • Fix T42258: Drivers: `dimensions.x` is always invalid, but `dimensions[0]` works (d30abdf)
  • Fix T42587: Rotation curves not setting jump to cursor position correctly. (284726b)
  • Fix T41525: Button keyframe indicators don't work correctly when editing NLA Strips. (2625dc5)
  • Fix T42661: Shortcut "." and "," for changing pivot center don't work on Graph Editor. (50c6673)
  • Fix T42662: hide unselected does not reveal selected. (0facc48)
  • Fix T42648: Invert Selection operator is not working for animation channels. (2288d73)
  • Fix T41527: Animations of world texture properties invisible in anim editors. (e6e78a1)
  • Fix T42048: Keyframes missing when animating particle system blend texture parameters. (419c272)
  • Fix T42697: Hiding/unhiding NLA strip doesn't update the 3D Viewport. (e93990d)
  • Fix T42972: fcurve lasso select crash. (296a92f)
  • Fix Shift-H now works in main graph editor area too. (cd54f07)
  • Fix graph editor rename button resetting focus when escaping from it. (5561a0b)


  • Fix T42334: x-mirror fails in armature with a partially mirrored chain. (769c0bee)
  • Fix T42253: End frame for armature ghosting "in range" is not displayed. (65d771d)
  • Fix T42638: Roll angle inconsistent flip in edit mode. (3910962)
  • Fix T42824: Proxy bone custom-shape lost on undo. (8545fb5)


  • Fix T42022: Attempt to export empty set of objects resulted in an exception. (c027625)
  • Fix T42046: Improved the option label for clarity. (2040666)
  • Fix Mesh Objects with missing textures or wrong texture path now import without texture. (ab6417a)


  • Fix T42256: Translation operator moves Child-Of constrained objects in wrong space when only using parent's rotation and parent is rotated. (61d1477)
  • Fix T42367: Spline-ik offset evaluating curve. (f651a47)
  • Fix T42447: Shrinkwrap constraint: mismatch in handling sclaing in projection case. (b154aa8)

Curve Editing

  • Fix T42639: Editcurve flags not getting restored on undo. (6f7b4a3)

File I/O

  • Fix T42009: Cyclic set-scenes with linked libs. (2beb940)
  • Fix T42649: Use Relative Paths for Node Editor & 3D View Images. (c05785e)
  • Fix T42760: Drag-to-add feature fails in a case. (503dbb6)
  • Fix T42882: Animation data are not appended even if I append armature object. (a634369, fbd2517)
  • Fix T42780 Object linking allows to have linked armatures in pose mode. 016bbc8
  • Fix T43143} DPX header wrong, making it impossible to import to other software. e961c06

Game Engine

  • Fix ping-pong actions when using the Action Actuator. (1999b5a)

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix T42859: Smart UV unwrap does not support aspect correction. (f1ddf99)
  • Fix T39004: Laplacian Deform incorrect with > 10K faces. (0b12e61)
  • Fix T42008: Dragging and packing issue about new blank image. (6171314)
  • Fix T42561: UVs in image editor can get too crowded. (fcadf47)
  • Fix T42421: HDR reader could easily read past buffer (truncated HDR files e.g.) and segfault. (cc0623f)
  • Fix T42892: UV pixel snap with negative values (17253be)

Mesh Editing

  • Fix T41986: Polyfill fails with axis aligned verts. (fa1e6c5)
  • Fix T41995: Box selection - Edit mode - Header not updated. (101a1dd)
  • Fix T41971: BMesh mapping slot arg error. (497d06d)
  • Fix T42145: EditMesh Bevel tools had no clamping option. (a62b806)
  • Fix T42352: recalculate normals is not in the edit mode specials menu. (db8e631)
  • Fix T42557: Crash on delete or separate vertices with subsurf modifier + vertex parenting. (b49df09)
  • Fix T42611: Knife fails from an edge to a vertex (c6ab67b)
  • Fix T35170: Undo bug between shape keys. (a52fbfa)
  • Fix T35170: Undoing edit op on a basis shapekey could generate extra offset on its 'children'. (dab0bd9)
  • Fix T42652: Transform falloff for mesh islands. (6a45b2a)
  • Fix T42630: Triangulate returns invalid face-map. (a5c3de2)
  • Fix T42488: Knife (selected_only + occlude) failed. (171a6bb)
  • Fix T42864: Knife-project had too-low precision. (2329b58)
  • Fix T42864: knife-project included uncut backfaces. (db0e2e7)
  • Fix T42864: Knife-project fails with 'cut-through' (7234153)
  • Fix T42927: Triangulate-beauty fails on quads. (b04d2f9)
  • Fix T43013 Flip with bridge aligned loops. 2b59557
  • Fix T43034 Beautify-fill leaves zero area tri's. 01c0433


  • Fix the skin modifier crashing when building without Bullet. (a3bb1dc)
  • Fix T42054: Problem when using Cast modifier with Wireframe modifier. (9ce645e)
  • Fix T41983: Array regression with center-verts. (4c43fcf)
  • Fix T42065: Shading issue using Array modifier. (8ac3c3d)
  • Fix T41983: Array Modifier "Merge" bug? (1dd428f)
  • Fix T42324: Curve deform modifier from mesh edge doesnt work properly. (9ce8dfa)
  • Fix T42548: Crash showing subsurf modifier UI on hidden object. (a1c1ec8)
  • Fix T42486: Array modifier cap-end crash. (723f1e9)
  • Fix T42653: Solidify modifier not displaying correctly under edit mode. (2e8ba17)
  • Fix T42767: Subsurfacing union boolean with same-named UVs crashes Blender (9345d2d)
  • Fix T42748: Crash in subsurf, threaded access. (602250d)
  • Fix T42952: Curve modifier not taken into account when curve is created from mesh. (646a96b)
  • Fix T43122 Shrinkwrap target, wrong linked object. 2d2bfd4
  • Fix for regression on bevel material: need do_version support for earlier files. (a2aa3eb)

Motion Tracking

  • Fix T42800: Blender suddenly closes after pressing solve camera motion. (8600dc6)


  • Fix T41961: Crash by Copy n Paste splines to new mask without layer. (dcc281b)
  • Fix T41981: Crash by Copy mask splines without splines. (2cca83c)
  • Fix for missing shortcuts for mask copy/paste (6dab4ce)

Movie Clip Editor

  • Fix T42205: MovieClip ignores grid color. (8e1ae53)
  • Fix T42278: Grease Pencil in Movie Clip Editor can not be erased in Track > Cursor mode. (b770964)
  • Fix T42277: Apply track's mask on displaying preview not working. (46c11c7)
  • Partial fix of T42052: Clip editor does not support Continue zoom style. 26083d5
  • Fix for missing shortcuts for trackscopy/paste (5533257)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T41885: Muting broken for Blender Internal nodes in rendering. (345b166)
  • Fix T42209: Changing Node Editor header color also changes wire color (c08e7e1)
  • Fix T42064: Directional blur uses wrong sampler. (2d6458c)
  • Fix T42401: Gaussian blur node is visibly squared-off at larger sizes. (fcc2ca0)
  • Fix T42344: EWA filter produces blured results. (7bb910c)


  • Fix T42257: Curve vertex parent not working with animation. (bae0f90)
  • Fix T42444: Neg scale rotated object flips 2x axis. (88cc1a7)
  • Fix T42525: Crash when deleting lamp attached to Lamp Data material node in material shading mode. (0c28aaa, 4542504)
  • Fix T42838: Make dupli's real use_hierarchy fails (252bfc6)


  • Fix T42354: Modal transform map not cycling through local/global orientation properly. (dbea73a)
  • Fix T42199: PET displays when transforming around centers (c8ef04e)
  • Fix T42572: Snapping ignores linked objects. (dc519f3)
  • Fix T42660: snapping not working nicely on graph editor. (4bf40bb)
  • Fix T42472: Undoing/Redoing repeated transform operator gives wrong final matrix on objects with no geom data. (01bda15)


  • Fix T42163: Outliner: recursive visibility toggle: autokeyframe only works for ancestor, not children. (91d2485)


  • Fix T42395: Stored "render data" in particles mismatches the particle amount and crashes after Cycles render. (5802d45)

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix T42239: Missing redraw notifier when switching collision shapes. (5a6f9fd)
  • Fix T42394: Copy Rigid Body Tools would not work as expected if dest ob had no rigidbody yet. (279cfde)
  • Fix T42294: Bullet rigidbody point cache reading was using uninitialized key values for velocity. (f7dedbc)
  • Fix for bad file name string matching in point caches, leading to deletion of baked caches. (3e0ff35)


  • Fix T42005: Reset py-handlers could crash. (cf38b93)
  • Fix T42225: incorrectly accepts GreasePencil type instead of GPencilLayer. (f87d38b)
  • Fix T42372: demo addon in doc was not handling keymaps correctly during (un)registration. (e5c13ae)
  • Fix T42540: save_pre and save_post handlers not called when saving startup.blend. (aac2db3)
  • Fix T37073: Crash updating custom props visible in the UI. (3346ab0)
  • Fix T42593: Rigify crash when I press "Generate" - corrupted IDGroup's listbase of children. (6e17fb8)
  • Fix T42619: python crash: bpy.context.screen.is_animation_playing. (28d9641, 7019c2b)
  • Fix T42688: python crash: bpy.context.scene.update(). (789eaa0)
  • Fix T42883: ID-Prop arrays longer than 'shot' fail (28a0e1d)
  • Fix T42943: Crash with multiple calls to rna_info.BuildRNAInfo() (85f6fc5)


  • Fix T41962: Command-line without specified filename doesn't renders (8f6a993)
  • Fix T41978: Shadow was not excluded from combined path unless shadow pass was rendered too. (bf8cd90)
  • Fix T41977: 'Shading' panel of Render buttons not updating Rendered 3DView. (a0b7d24)
  • Fix T41993: Constant jittered bug. (52330e5)
  • Fix T41988: Shadow pass inaccurate calculation. (4a26d70)
  • Fix T41957: Shadow color texture mapping was using wrong factor. (025955e)
  • Fix T42139: Vertical noise stripe patterns in noise texture. (016e75a)
  • Fix T42206: RenderLayers popup crashed when clicked while rendering. (0217502)
  • Fix T42445: Clamp flag has no effect on result value in Math and MixRGB shader nodes (Blender Render) (176f010)
  • Fix T42590: baking bakes to duplicated objects too. (78e0791)
  • Fix T41969: Enviropment map crash. (2218135)
  • Fix T42175: Modifiers don't render in sculpt mode using multires. (59f1585)
  • Fix T42973: Render viewport not updating when switching materials in Outliner. (1fe7b84)
  • Fix T42938 image.save_render sometimes saved the wrong pass. 7bb29c5
  • Fix T42641 Graphical fragments showing on Blender 2.71 and higher when baking. cf178f7

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix T42351: Freestyle will not render edges selected by Edge Type: Material Boundary, if the materials are different, but look identical. (a3e3ac0)
  • Fix for missing initialization of Freestyle RenderData parameters for new scenes. (2854b93)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T39823: SSS scatter doesn't update volume stack, causing shading artifacts. (ccc5983)
  • Fix T42081: Cycles Rendering with AMD OpenCL Diver ver(14.9WHQL) works in 2.71 not in 2.72. (a1b27d6)
  • Fix T42106: Box image mapping shows black triangles if they point to a corner and blend is 0. (409b3c9)
  • Fix T42021: OSL doesn't work when there are non-ascii chars in the path. (383bd34)
  • Fix T42160: CUDA error: ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuCtxSynchronize(). (acd7f50)
  • Fix T42178: Cycles Film Exposure not triggering Viewport update. (5e2f3c0)
  • Fix T42391: HSV correction shader node gives negative values. (f9688d8)
  • Fix T42408: FSAA affects Cycles Image Compositing. (04c0a46)
  • Fix T41873: Different 'seed' values do not yield different noise patterns when using cycles texture bake. (63d0197)
  • Fix T41783: Cycles baking ignores displacement. (8c227ad)
  • Fix T41066: MSVC + AVX2 kernel causes artifacts in hair render. (8f8b9b5)
  • Fix T42608: Mesh deform modifier for curve fails in render. (7d2590b)
  • Fix T42475: Vector motion blur on hair. (729dc98, 8e16c52, d06b1a5)
  • Fix T42210: Crash rendering with OSL. (4cb0e25)
  • Fix T42747: "CUDA error" appears only momentarily, then disappears. (2b4eeb7)
  • Fix T42818: Cycles SSS passes are incorrect for SSS size of 0 (7366283)
  • Fix T42829: Cycles crash rendering when file is saved to specific location (cb7cf52)
  • Fix T42888: Separate and Combine HSV distorts the hue value (1549fea)
  • Fix for object flags bitfield, was missing negative scale there. (d41f99a)
  • Fix context texture buttons in cycles not getting their context right. (2b2ac5d)
  • Fix difference between SVM and OSL implementation of Normal node. (d68521d)
  • Fix from behavior of shadow rays on CPUs without SSE 9e57bab


  • Fix sequencer clipboard with meta's containing ID references (40938c3)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T41956: Soften brush does not work. (a5159b5)
  • Fix T42033: UVs shown while rendering in texture paint mode. (9ac0b4f)
  • Fix T32209: Quitting not saving latest data if you are in edit or sculpt mode on quit.blend. (585d2f3)
  • Fix T42281: Crash in subsurf with texture painting. (3a961d6)
  • Fix T42311: Too many paint slots added. (abb2669)
  • Fix T42330: Game engine does not allow texture slots generation. (3b7794d)
  • Fix T42393: Crash in texture paint sampling in image mode when mesh did not have a material. (9c9b145)
  • Fix T42431: Lagging on texture painting. (37807d9)
  • Fix T42613: Sculpt dyntopo's 'Set Detail Size' (Shift-D) was only always affecting relative size. (1081399)
  • Fix T42647: Vertex and weight painting mode do not display solid shaded when VBOs is off. (4878444)
  • Fix T42543: projection painting fails when faces are perpendicular to screen. (ef5c036)
  • Fix T42977 Weights failed to display in Wireframe mode when using Face Select. 6339ba1
  • Fix clone brush would paint trash with float images. (33bff4c)
  • Fix fill brush did not do proper srgb conversion for byte images. (04fab84)
  • Fic color sampling for palettes did not refresh the toolbar. ()

Text Editor

User Interface

  • Fix T42088: Creating new keybinds can cause duplicates when saving key config profile. (0d8a007, e36cc29)
  • Fix T41639: Hierarchical pie menu - popup interaction is buggy. (0609aee)
  • Fix T41950: Parent-Child Menu behaves weird. (b100bdc)
  • Fix T42304: blender 2.72a 3D view object selected color wrong in 2.4x theme. (04178d7)
  • Fix T42454: Themes: Some colors were missed somehow in an update two years ago. (72454fa)
  • Fix T42497: File selector rename text field too small. (a918882)
  • Fix T42221: 'Shadow Width' influences tooltip size. (da31052)
  • Fix T42499: Make sure directories are not interpreted as libraries. (4eb628e)
  • Fix T42498: Disable Renaming for Read-Only Files in File Browser. (bd401d9)
  • Fix T42710: Mesh data users cout displays ony three digits. (aa0b268)
  • Fix T42857: Inconsistency between cache line visibility and ability to change frame from image space (491839b)


  • Fix T42325: OSX Crash on .vob video import (74f40a5)
  • Fix T42305: On OS X, when switching from another app to Blender via Mission Control, it doesn't work. (8dbce41)
  • Fix T42420: Touchpad zoom and scroll gester using touchpad stopped working. (e964580)
  • Fix T35128: Progress bar sync on Windows. (29c2b70)
  • Fix T42426: Backtick ( ` ) keyboard key not detected anywhere in blender. (dc19936)
  • Fix T42588: Absolute paths not cleaned on win32 (72f7592)

Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)

  • Fix T42247: rolling did not support the rotation value in the user preferences. (6a8d0fd)


  • Fix T41974: blender ships vulnerable minilzo version, (e1afaa0)
  • Fix T42026: Unit scale affects camera focal length. (c7684b4)
  • Fix T42222: 2.72 fails to build with gcc 4.8/scons, implicit declaration of roundf. (507712d)
  • Fix T42262: Ocean texture options cannot be edited while in Cycles (b28aa18)
  • Fix T41041: 'Delete keyframe' removes markers too. (2f0bdcb)
  • Fix T42289: 'Make single user' not registered in history. (4a0ff5c)
  • Fix T42208: Color pickers are coupled. (0627bc2)
  • Fix T42531: Setting 'Undo' steps to '1' causes weirdness. (5604a3d)
  • Fix T42567: Color Wheel Buttons do not autokey correctly. (141064d)
  • Fix T42549: Grease pencil layers are not scene-specific for "full copy scenes". (f425de9)
  • Fix T42789: Support 3Dconnexion wireless devices. (c077f5f)
  • Fix T42885: Wrong docs for mathutils.Matrix.Identity(4).zero() (9c81833)
  • Fix T42932: Incorrect drag and drop behaviour for groups event->mval. (cd4d5dc)
  • Fix T42944: Crash adding a shortcut in properties space. (c1eec55)
  • Depsgraph: Workaround for missing pose update when changing visible layers. (bed0995)
  • Fix broken auto-keyframing for 'Vector' button. (d3b0a4a)
  • Fix for walk navigation not working with stereo camera. (cdcef1d)
  • Fix for undo using too much mem due to previews
  • Fix for crash for 'Edit Source' 44e0265

Blender 2.73a: Bug Fixes

  • Fix invalid memory access in gradient brushes - could cause a crash in. (ae18fd5)
  • Revert "Fix T40257: Frustum culling not working properly". (4fac29c)
  • Fix T40257: Frustum culling not working properly. (8ebb552)
  • Fix crash in texture paint sampling when sampling materials without. (def2ef8)
  • Fix gtest linking on ubuntu and do minor cleanup. (e02af84)
  • Fix for GTest. (73955e2)
  • Fix texture sampling with generative modifiers - sample backbuffer. (b996871)
  • Fix for regression in bmesh connect-pair. (dec523d)
  • Fix T43204: Shrinkwrap constraint, project mode: Space ignored in bone case. (599c8a2)
  • Fix T43208 material flickering in edit mode. (1864253)
  • Fix typo in OCIO configuration file. (9d02e26)
  • Fix OpenGL Context freeing on OSX (301433f)
  • Fix BMesh regression: behavior for select more/less. (dcd662c)
  • Fix T43229: Knife-project regression (broke knife-project). (b77dd13)
  • Fix T43156: Cycles incorrect final render, proper viewport with moblur disabled. (3f0113b)
  • SDL wrangler: Support loading SDL2 libraries of different names. (653c6f2)
  • Sequencer: Don't crash when trying to rebuild proxy without having sequence edits. (1994e84)
  • Fix T43301: Three of the 'mirror keyframes' tools were mirroring along wrong axis. (6e97db7)
  • Fix own error in freestyle api. (704494e)
  • Bugfix T43293: Crash when editing shared GPencil datablock in VSE. (32ffc63)
  • Fix for security issue loading blend's. (45dfb3b)
  • Fix T43311: using displacement shader crashes blender. (7fd4c44)
  • Fix error in freestyle api. (967f93d)