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Animation Editors

Filter channels by name
  • CtrlF in animation editors now works as a shortcut for activating the Filter by Name functionality, making it easier to find the channels you're working on (9ca0c7eea)
  • Added an operator to remove empty Animation Data containers from datablocks. This can be found from the NLA Editor "Edit" menu. a4c4145


  • Cancelling an armature transform when x mirror is on will now return all bones on their initial positions, even if not symmetrical. There was no way to recover asymmetrical positions through undo otherwise, in case user did not want to mirror the armature in the first place. The correct workflow now is to use R, 0, ↵ Enter, or similar transform no-ops.
  • "Relationship Lines" option in 3D View settings now disables DOF (degrees of freedom) hints for IK constraints as well. See D683 for more details. (14297dd)