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3D Text

Curves bevel factor mapping

Bevel Factor Mapping allows to control the relation between bevel factors (number between 0 and 1) and the rendered start and end point of a beveled spline. (97cb76a)

There are three options: "Resolution", "Segments", "Spline". "Resolution" option maps bevel factors as it was done < 2.71, "Spline" and "Segments" are new.

  • "Resolution“: Map the bevel factor to the number of subdivisions of a spline (U resolution).
  • "Segments“: Map the bevel factor to the length of a segment and to the number of subdivisions of a segment.
  • "Spline": Map the bevel factor to the length of a spline.

<youtube width="640" height="360">qWdsGfzUUaA</youtube>


  • Blender Internal: Add material property "Cast" which can disable both ray and buffer shadows (fc28732ba65a).

3D View

  • GLSL preview: Use only lamps enabled in active render layer and material light group (1973b17fce65).
  • Quad view switching behavior has been modified, it now uses 'active' quad view only if it's an user-edited view, else, it always uses the top-right one.

Motion Tracking

New distortion model has been implemented (ed2ddc9). It is called "Division Model" and in comparison with previously used Polynomial model it defines high distortion with only 2 parameters, which makes this model suitable much better for cameras with high distortion, such as GoPro with fisheye lenses.

This model is available in the Lens panel of Movie Clip Editor.


Main change in masking module was support of asymmetric and free handles (1af69b6).

Previously it was only possible to either have both aligned handles (which was visualized with a single handle) or both vector handles. Now it's possible to have different type for left and right handles and also it's not possible to use Free type for handles. This is available via v-menu.

The way of point creation has been also changed. Now ctrl-click-slide defines curvature of the spline.

<vimeo width="640" height="360" >90863013</vimeo>