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  • Loop-select on edge boundaries now extends to select all boundaries if the current boundary is already selected 276ef3b3b5192aad5c3e5e02c69246.
    • To use this, just select an edge boundary with Alt+RMB twice:
File:Edge Boundary Selection1.png
Select an edge loop with Alt+RMB.
File:Edge Boundary Selection2.png
Select the same edge loop again.
File:Contract Selection Original.png
Before Mode Switch (Face Mode)
File:Contract Selection Without.png
After, without Ctrl (Edge Mode)
File:Contract Selection With.png
After, with Ctrl (Edge Mode)


  • Set edges smooth/sharp is now in the Shading panel of 3DView tools, together with already existing smooth/flat faces, and new smooth/sharp vertices (which simply tag vertices’ edges as smooth/sharp).
File:Shading Location.png
New location of shading tools.

Split Normals, Stage I

Blender can now use “split normals” (i.e. normals per vertex per face) to draw smooth/sharp edges/faces in the 3DView, and both Cycles and BI renderers. In Edit mode, it also can draw split normals as lines, just like usual vertex or face ones.

Note that this option replaces the old AutoSmooth/Angle settings for meshes in BI (found in the Mesh buttons).

Commits: 18e422414226, 0b7f5813973c, 41b8f8873284, 776f8d5a6fa0, e29698d3cdeb.