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Feature Videos

Blender Developer Sneak Peeks

Starting early 2014, Thomas Beck (BFCT & Blender developer) shows you in his "Blender Developer Sneak Peek" video series new blender features that are currently in development. Over time, many of the features found in this release were topics in the show and can be watched now everytime you like in HD.

Below you'll find all videos, starting with the newest one.

#13 - Cycles Baking and much more

- Easing Modes and many new Icons 1:00
- Widgets are now movable 3:30
- Transparent Depth Node 4:37
- Split Normals 8:08
- Cycles Baking 9:17
- Freestyle Textured Strokes 14:34

<youtube width="640" height="360">R6tUNM9AK0M</youtube>

#12 - Gooseberry, Preview Widgets & UV Map Node

- The Gooseberry Project: 0:55
- Resize texture and all other preview widgets 7:34
- UV Node for Cycles (was earlier done via an attribute node) 9:00

<youtube width="640" height="360">vO8y48bJRFU</youtube>

#11 - Cycles Smoke, Deformation Motion Blur & New Mask Handles

- New handles for Colorramps (by Charlie Jolly and Campbell)
- Plane tracks kann now be hidden (by Sergey Sharybin)
- New Mask handle types (via V) (by Sergey Sharybin)
- Bevel factor mapping improvements (by Lukas Treyer)
- Cycles: Mesh Deformation/Curve Deformation Motion Blur (Gavin Howard/Brecht) 
- Cycles: Initial Smoke & Fire Support

The fire demo:

<youtube width="640" height="360">BkmpKRRat9E</youtube>

#10 - Bounce, HSL, Corner Pin, Dyntopo

- Robert Penner Easing Equations by DNA, Joshua and Thomas
- Corner Pin Node by/ Christopher Barrett & Lukas Tönne
- Sample All Lights by Thomas Dinges & Brecht
- Multiple Image interpolation modes by Martijn Berger
- Dyntopo detail in object space by Antony Riakiotakis
- HSL by Antony Riakiotakis

<youtube width="640" height="360">quj7K3PRXMk</youtube>

Sneak Peek Playlists

If you'd like to watch all videos in a row then use the complete playlist for the current series. If you'd like to be informed about the features in the upcoming release be sure to look out for the new Developer Sneak Peeks 2.72 playlist on YT 2.72 playlist or subscribe.

Have fun & happy Blending!