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Blender 2.68: Vertex Groups improvements

Vertex Groups

  • The Vertex Groups manual page has been updated to the current implementation.

Weight Editing

Vertex Weights Panel
  • A new Wiki manual page has been created for Weight Edit

The Weight Paint Panel has been improved:

  • Now available in "Edit" mode and "Weight Paint" Mode
  • Allows to delete Weights from the active Vertex
  • Sorts weights like in the Vertex Groups panel (Object data Properties)
  • Has filter buttons to restrict view on Deform groups or Non deform groups only


As mentioned in Vertex Groups each entry in a Vertex Group also contains a weight value in the range of [0.0,1.0]. Blender provides a Vertex Weights panel from where you can get (and edit) information about the weight values of each Vertex of a mesh. That is: to which Vertex Groups the vertex is assigned with which weight value.

The Vertex Weights panel can be found in the right property sidebar of the 3D Viewport. It is available in Edit mode and in Weight Paint mode (when Vertex Selection masking is enabled as well). The panel is separated into the sections

  • Vertex Group Categories (1)
  • Weight Table (2)
  • function bar (3)

Weight Painting

  • The Weight Paint manual page has been completely reworked and updated to match the current implementation.
  • Weight Paint now supports the active vertex like in edit Mode.
  • Many of the weight Paint tools now have an optional subset filter to restrict their functionality to only specific vertex groups. Following logical subsets are supported:
    • The Active Group
    • The Selected Pose Bones
    • All Deform pose Bones
    • All vertex Groups