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Blender 2.68: Usability

User Interface

  • Display menu items key shortcuts in the button tooltips. (Template:Commit).
  • Drag-Toggle now allows all layers to be set at once. (Template:Commit)
  • Color picker now supports 3 digit hex colors like HTML, e.g. #123 becomes #112233. (Template:Commit)
  • Units, display 0.5mm rather than 500um, nicer when dealing with very small sizes but not microscopic (Template:Commit)
  • Double click now selects entire words (like on file path segments) (Template:Commit)
  • File-selector now maps back and forward history to back and forward buttons on a 5 button mouse. (Template:Commit)
  • For users without middle-mouse buttons, you can now use Circle and Border de-select by holding SHIFT. (Template:Commit)
  • Expanded control of enum properties in bitflag mode now follow other similar controls behavior (i.e. click only select one item, shift-click to (de)select several ones). See e.g. transform manipulators selectors, in the header of 3D views (Template:Commit).
  • Icon-only expanded enums where still using the label to compute their width, now they just take room needed by the icon (Template:Commit).

Weight Paint

  • Reworked Weight Paint panel and added make it work in weight paint mode when vertex selection is enabled. (Template:Commit)
  • Weight tools such as limit-total, levels, clear - that operate on many groups can now select from active/deformed/non-deformed/all. (Template:Commit)


  • Added a mask modifier for sequence strips (Template:Commit).
  • Fix naming of strips when adding a bunch of video files at once, previously all strips got the same name (from first file name), now each get a name matching its underlying file (Template:Commit).


  • Auto indent for multi-line Python statements in the Python console. (Template:Commit)
  • Support for storing text styles in themes (Template:Commit).
  • Transformation Constraint now allows applies rotation offsets too (like for location) (Template:Commit)
  • 2D painting now supports texture masks and does masking more consistent with projection painting. (Template:Commit)