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Blender 2.67: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 54697 up to 56521
Addons 4268 up to 4488

3D View


  • Bugfix: Selecting AnimData "expanders" in AnimEditors works again. (Template:Commit)
  • Bugfix: Filtering option in NLA Editor to include AnimData blocks with no actions or NLA data attached was broken. (Template:Commit)






File I/O

  • Fix quicktime video export not properly supporting animation of audio properties like volume. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for non-terminated reading of JPEG metadata. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix double free error in OpenEXR when file cannot be saved. (Template:Commit)

Game Engine

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing


  • Fix T34526: crash using mask modifier + subsurf + UV map. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35113: solidify modifier not preserving clamp option on duplicating the object or modifier. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35149: solidify modifier + vertex parent not working after going in and out of editmode on the child object. (Template:Commit)

Movie Clip Editor

  • Fix issue with bright frames appearing in clip editor when compositor is open. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix missing angle zerolization when 2d stabilization is disabled. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for crash when using 2D stabilization for float movie clips (Template:Commit)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix changing image ID datablock from browser in Image node didn't change output sockets. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for crash in special cases when mixing translate node with other. (Template:Commit)



  • Fix T34667: trail_count option missing for Particle (emitter) System Render Panel "Path" UI (Template:Commit)

Physics / Simulations


  • Fix T34768: Out of bounds access in console selection. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34636: not run on startup file loading after splashscreen. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34804: Only timeline_markers[0] is selectable if multiple markers at same frame. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34856: crash passing an object rather than a mesh to (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34863: bge.render.makeScreenshot from Blender was only saving PNG files, while the docs said it followed the settings in the Output panel. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34881: Bad characters in error output (PyConsole) if trying to use a Bmesh UV Layer on a BMVert. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34870: bmesh.ops.* parameter lists and descriptions don't show in PyConsole on auto-complete. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34898: Typo in error message of mathutils.Vector * Also fixed some more cases of "more then" -> "more than". (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34875: Some property subtypes not working (no unit suffix), precision=0 not supported. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34902: Unicode decode error in Python console when completing a method name of text object in edit mode. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34941: Space.draw_handler_add now supports PRE_VIEW and POST_VIEW callbacks for more editors: timeline, graph, action, NLA, sequencer, image, clip. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34983: bpy.ops.mesh.primitive_torus_add() ignores rotation-parameter. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35056: crash running bpy.ops.transform.rotate() in background mode. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35068: bpy.ops.node.output_file_add_socket() fails if there is no "node" in the context. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35150: Crash when bmesh operation called from within a Panel draw() (Template:Commit)
  • fix T35154: Python: UI issues with invoke_props_dialog() - highlighed buttons that were never pressed could be activated by accident when canceling search popup. - canceling a search popup on a popup would close both. (Template:Commit)


  • Fix crash rendering material with "Face Textures" option. (Template:Commit)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T34414: Python error with frame_change callback and Cycles motion blur. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34654: Cycles hair particle system modifier obeys viewport visibility as well. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34700: Cycles depth of field now works with orthographic cameras too. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34759: Cycles texture influence for particles not shown correct when switching to a different texture slot. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34700: Orthographic camera DOF was still not working correct. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34625: Duplivert/face rendering with modifier could crash accessing UV and generated coordinates on the original mesh, after the change that made duplis take modifiers into account. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34601: Cycles OSL crash when using preview render and viewport render at the same time, due to shared texture cache system. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34867: Cycles viewport render did not respect viewport visibility for modifiers with text/curve/surface objects. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34679: Cycles image texture alpha fringes. New rule is now that color output will not give straight RGB values if the alpha output is used, so that mixing with a transparent BSDF gives the correct result. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34877: The render status feedback (progress bar) does not take into account specific Renderlayer samples. (Template:Commit, Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34880: Cycles motion blur render issue with some compilers. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34871: Cycles/CUDA/sm_35: Build problems probably due to issues with float3 operators. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34921: Cycles rendered a specific scene with a small high poly object contained in a large low poly object very slow, due to failure case of fast multithread BVH binning. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34740: Cycles rendering issue mixing glossy/glass BSDF's with zero or very low roughness and same index of refraction. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34322: Cycles crash with (undo) save during threaded render. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34966: Cycles packed PNG images were showing alpha fringe, packed images were not properly premultiplied. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35004: Fireflies with .tif image in cycles, try to avoid extreme values when openimageio can't detect premul/straight alpha correct. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34725, T34725: cycles crash with OSL and both a 3D viewport and preview running at the same time. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35077: cycles incorrectly rendered an empty with dupligroup that was dupliverted by its parent. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34172: cycles BVH build crashing in some rare circumstances on 32 bit linux. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35102: crash with experimental cycles displacement feature due to uninitialized memory usage. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35207: addition to previous fix to avoid OSL getting uninitialized. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T35209: cycles generated texture coordinates did not stick to deforming meshes. (Template:Commit)


  • Fix: Scopes in sequencer were not drawing OK (drawing code assumed alpha). (Template:Commit)
  • Fix: Histogram in Sequencer now uses same formula to quantify R G B as the other histogram in Blender (per channel). (Template:Commit)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix 2D painting gave squares rather than a disk for the "Max" curve falloff shape. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for weight gradient when used with active-unselected object (Template:Commit)

Text Editor

  • Fix crash when overwriting ascii character with multibyte character. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for cursor jumping error stepping backwards (Template:Commit)
  • fix for glitch in text editor using: Ctrl+(Backspace / Delete). (Template:Commit)

User Interface

  • Fix: multisample viewport drawing didn't work well with selection or particle brushes, due to issues with color coded drawing or slow/buggy reading from such a buffer on some systems. (Template:Commit )
  • Fix curves widget error: after deleting a point, and click to add a new point, on dragging it the point flipped up 20 pixels Template:Commit
  • Fix: drawing disabled buttons now draw OK in all cases. (Template:Commit)