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Blender 2.66: Mesh Modeling

Vertex Bevel

You can now bevel selected vertices.

This is enabled by the Template:Format/Literal option of the Bevel tool. Use the Template:Shortcut/HotkeyTemplate:Shortcut/HotkeyTemplate:Shortcut/Hotkey shortcut or Template:Menu menu item to start the Bevel tool in Template:Format/Literal mode. After starting the bevel tool, you can move the mouse to adjust the vertex bevel amount, and Template:Shortcut/Mouse to adjust the number of segments used to make the bevel rounder.

Vertex Slide

Vertex slide has been rewritten as a transform mode and supports sliding multiple vertices at once in a single step (without having to first select the edge as before). (Template:Commit)

Modelling Improvements

GeometryData Efficiency

Meshes no longer store crease and bevel weights in editmode when they are not used, this saves some memory for edit-mode and modifiers that use bmesh such as decimate and edge split.

see the "Geometry Data" panel in the object data buttons view.