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Blender 2.66: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 53177 up to 54687

3D View





  • Fixed import for objects which have NO children (Template:Commit)
  • Fixed importing of shapekey names: name is now taken from geometry name instead of deriving it from the mesh name (Template:Commit)
  • Fixed import of textures with path settings relative to main import file (Template:Commit)
  • Fixed import of armatures only added the root bone (Template:Commit)



File I/O

Game Engine

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing


Nodes / Compositor



  • Add "Textures" panel in particle properties, to make it possble to add textures when Cycles is selected (Template:Commit)

Physics / Simulations


  • Fix T33677: Lambda is un-settable for mesh.vertices_smooth_laplacian (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33726: keyframe_insert() and keyframe_delete() with index=-1 always fail (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33792: Accessing a bmesh object created by from_object crashes blender (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T32581: Mesh properties API does not allow for zeros in byte array (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33876: bpy.path.ensure_ext adds extension twice / extra period if filename empty, just a period or equal to extension (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33836: issuing bpy.ops.render.render() in console crashes the program (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33841: Disabling and re-enabling live addon crashes blender (modal/draw handler) (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T31338: UILayout.prop() does not display enum elements when icon is supplied and icon_only=True (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34113: operator_menu_enum() - Tooltip not showing descriptions (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34126: report list memory leak when calling operator from python and the operator context poll failing (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34279: Python console: Selected region is not highlighted when using white background color (Template:Commit)
  • Fix BMesh operators exceptions not being cleared after raising as a python exception (Template:Commit)
  • Fix unicode text editing in the python interactive console (Template:Commit)
  • Fix python foreach_get/foreach_set not working with dynamic sized arrays. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for RegionView3D.view_matrix assignment (Template:Commit)


  • Fix T33639: Alpha from texture blended over material with multiply/screen/... is ignored (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33815: blender internal crash rendering material pass with strands. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34090: Blender messes up the Render output if the Render border is animated (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34276: OpenGL render not doing color space conversion to linear correctly with transparency, would show as too dark colors on edges (Template:Commit)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T33654: distance to line segment function is not implemented but compiled anyway (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33641: cycles self intersection artifacts with motion blur and one of the X/Y/Z coordinates close to 0 (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33662: cycles crash using displacement on meshes with vertices not attached to any face (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33752: UV Orco coordinates were wrong for Cycles (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33821: cycles background intensity fix had uninitialized memory usage for area lights (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33824: Not enough reflected glossy rays with non-progressive rendering (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33863: cycles viewport render crash entering edit mode on an object with a subsurf modifier. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33868: cycles sample as lamp for world background not rendering with the correct intensity on the GPU. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33830: cycles normal mapping was not quite correct (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33838: light render passes for non-progressive integrator were not correct. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33909: If "Progressive" checkbox was disabled but device was GPU, it still used the amount of "aa_samples" instead of "samples" (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33905: cycles crash with bsdf node plugged twice into add shader. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33915: Motion Blur Artifacts Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33984: cycles shadow pass problem with CUDA. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34087: cycles shadow pass not properly normalized for non-progressive integrator with > 1 samples for a lamp (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34041: rendered view + border sometimes freezes (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34139: render display did not convert to straight alpha when dithering was enabled (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34184: cycles speed vector pass should be zero when using motion blur, instead it had value 10000 (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34121: OSL + persistent images option was not freeing shader memory properly, causing memory to increase continuously during animation render (Template:Commit, Template:Commit)
  • Fix T34254: cycles brightness/contrast node was missing for GLSL material view (Template:Commit)
  • Fix cycles displacement not working well with OSL and multiple objects (Template:Commit)
  • Fix cycles intersection issue with overlapping faces on windows 32 bit and CPU without SSE3 support (Template:Commit)
  • Fix cycles aliasing warnings caused by motion blur transforms. (Template:Commit)
  • Fixed hair shape and inclusion of multiple attributes for triangle primitives (Template:Commit)

Sculpt / Paint


Sculpting / Painting

Text Editor

  • Fix for syntax highlighting with unicode characters (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for double clicking in the text editor not selecting text correctly (Template:Commit)

User Interface


Mac OS X
Linux/Unix X11