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Blender 2.65: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 51027 up to 52851

3D View



  • Fix T32964: IK constraint had a "Target" option, which actually is an internal flag that shouldn't have been exposed in the user interface (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33074: Crash when flipping names of bones (Template:Commit)
  • Fix T33176: deactivating both position and rotation target from iTaSC IK solver crashes. (Template:Commit)




File I/O

  • Fix crash opening .blend file with missing lib linked scene and no local scene. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix for a memory leak caused by the last packet on stream EOF not freed. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix crash opening some .blend files on OS X 10.8 with double click or drag and drop onto the application Template:Commit

Game Engine

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing


Nodes / Compositor





  • Fix missing display buffer and mipmaps invalidation in cases only few of selected objects failed to bake (Template:Commit)
  • Fix color management-less texture rendering (Template:Commit)
  • Fix texture baking when color management is disabled (Template:Commit)
  • In texture buttons, changing the preview could crash Template:Commit

Render: Cycles

  • Fix AUTO wasn't working for Equisolid Fisheye lens Now one no longer needs to match the sensor dimensions with the render dimensions manually. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix cycles issue when NaN is used for RGB ramp, can access array out of bounds then. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix cycles viewport render getting stuck with driven/animated nodes. (Template:Commit)


  • Fix for crash in the sequencer if the video file fails to load (Template:Commit)
  • Fix crash when copying scene with sequencer's animation using Link Objects or Link Object Data methods (Template:Commit)

Sculpting / Painting

Text Editor

User Interface


  • Fix camera tracking update problem for principal points. (Template:Commit)
  • Fix View Selection operator in clip editor when pixel aspect != 1 (Template:Commit)
  • Fix copying markers to other scenes not working with 10 or more scenes. (Template:Commit)