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Blender 2.63: More Features

Image & Video

Game Engine

  • Add option for the Armature Actuator to change the influence of a bone constraint - Template:Commit
  • Add DampedTrackTo to the list of supported constraints in the BGE - Template:Commit


  • Adds a new node type for saving multiple image files from a single node - Template:Commit, documentation
  • Implements a new operator for detaching nodes - Template:Commit
  • Node socket selection feature reimplemented from 2.49 - Template:Commit
  • Node socket values now only have soft limits, rather than hard limits, so you can type in any value, and only when sliding the number value there is a limit - Template:Commit


  • Add some advanced particle rotation modes and reorganization of the rotation panel - Template:Commit
  • New: Child particles are used as emitter - Template:Commit


User Interface

  • Add drag-n-drop from external applications in Linux - Template:Commit
  • Allow dropping image files from outside blender, or image datablocks from inside blender to the shader and texture node editors - Template:Commit
  • Add support of zoom to mouse location in image editor - Template:Commit
  • Add solid background behind text in search menu - Template:Commit
  • Various improvement in NDOF buttons handling - Template:Commit
  • Change shortcut to clear value in button with mouse over it from delete to backspace - Template:Commit
  • Implement Ctrl-MMB zoom in camera view - Template:Commit
  • Adjustable contrast/intensity for unselected F-Curves in Graph Editor - Template:Commit
  • Theme support for Cameras and Empties colour on 3D View - Template:Commit
  • Theme support for Preview Background in Video Sequence Editor - Template:Commit