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Blender 2.63: Addons


The new mesh system affected many addons, most of them should be functional again, though some may still be unstable or disabled.

Import / Export

  • 3DS: better material support, including UV scale and offset, tiling/wrap modes, better conversion of mapping targets, export of specular/opacity/normal maps. - Template:Commit
  • PLY importer: support for textures added - Template:Commit
  • PLY exporter: now uses shared faces when not exporting the normals - Template:Commit
  • MHX importer: added FK-IK snapping - Template:Commit
  • MHX importer: added new convenient FK/IK buttons, which both change the IK property and layer visibility. - Template:Commit
  • MHX exporter: support for hard parents, i.e. using real parents rather than Childof constraints. - Template:Commit
  • After Effects: add export of lamps as After Effects lights, add option to export static scene, avoid exporting some unnecessary keyframes, better match default zero rotation. Template:Commit, Template:Commit, Template:Commit
  • FBX: option to export only deforming bones, enabled by default for Unity3D preset. - Template:Commit
  • Cycles rendering support - Template:Commit, Template:Commit, Template:Commit, Template:Commit
  • Acclaim: added AMC exporter (requires the armature to have been imported from ASF) - Template:Commit

Measure Panel

Network Render

Atomic Blender