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Blender 2.62: Bug Fixes

Changes up to revision 44089. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.


Audio, Image & Video


Game Engine



Motion Tracking




  • fix T29696: crash on exit of edit mode after deleting contents of fluid domain - Template:Commit
  • fix T29793: cloth and softbody simulation exploding when skipping frames - Template:Commit
  • fix T29965: a memory corruption in particle systems - Template:Commit
  • fix T29265: hair particle rotations weren't calculated properly for particle locations along a path - Template:Commit
  • fix T29530: entering particle mode on baked key particles with empty cache could crash - Template:Commit
  • fix T29737: can't edit particle hair if particle count is 0 - Template:Commit
  • fix: explode modifier created invalid faces if "unborn", "alive" or "dead" setting were unchecked - Template:Commit
  • fix: dynamic paint brush not painting particles hidden by display percentage setting - Template:Commit
  • fix: dynamic paint smudge and brush velocity settings didn't work for image sequence surfaces unless any paint effect was enabled. - Template:Commit
  • fix: dynamic paint substep update failed when brush was parent to a canvas vertex - Template:Commit
  • fix: dynamic paint wave "open borders" option didn't work for image sequence format - Template:Commit
  • fix: dynamic paint, if multiple displace/wave surfaces were used simultaneously, displace was applied using wrong normal. - Template:Commit
  • fix: possible dynamic paint crash when changing surface format to image sequence - Template:Commit
  • fix: editing baked cache for softbody and cloth now updates in 3d view properly - Template:Commit
  • fix: incorrect subframe result for physics point cache, noticeable with motion blur - Template:Commit



Render: Cycles



User Interface