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Blender 2.61: More Features

Changes up to revision 42577. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.

3D Mouse

  • 3D mouse device support color wheel and cube UI controls (e.g. color pickers) - Template:Commit
    • Tilting the ndof device up and down and rolling it left and right will move the 'color cursor' in screen x and y, and twisting the ndof device will rotate the cursor around the colour wheel (hue).
  • 3D mouse axis invert preferences for turntable navigation and zooming - Template:Commit


  • Remove the non-functional Time Offset option. - Template:Commit
  • Animation Hacks panel renamed to Relations Extras - Template:Commit
  • Add Dependency Relations operator to print the dependency graph to the console, useful for debugging and understanding the relations. - Template:Commit
  • Marker editing - Template:Commit
    • Add "Duplicate Marker to Scene..." option
    • Remove option to link Markers from Ctrl+L menu
  • Python drivers: 'frame' can now be used to get the current frame - Template:Commit

Camera Sensor

  • Camera sensor size is now configurable, to match real cameras. - Template:Commit
    • Support of variable size sensor width and height.
    • Presets for most common cameras, and new presets can be defined by the user.
    • Option to control which dimension (vertical or horizontal) along which field of view angle fits.

File Paths

  • Editing library absolute/relative paths in the outliner or through python is now more reliable - Template:Commit
  • Making library datablocks local now remaps file paths to the local .blend file - Template:Commit
  • Default point cache file paths are now in either the temporary folder if the file is not saved yet, and relative to the .blend file if it is - Template:Commit
  • Point cache paths from linked library now support - Template:Commit
  • Point cache directories now use cache_ prefix by default - Template:Commit



  • Disable x-mirror option when proportional edit is enabled. This option isn't supported because it behaves strangely in many cases. - Template:Commit
  • Mirror modifier now works in vertex select + weight paint mode, and has option to mirror all vertex groups. - Template:Commit
  • Make duplicates real: options to parent to the original duplicator and preserve internal parent hierarchies - Template:Commit
  • Multires baking speed was improved - Template:Commit
  • 3D Cursor settings split off from View panel in 3D view - Template:Commit
  • Mesh loop cut number of cuts can now be modified using numpad plus/minus and numeric input - Template:Commit
  • UV (Texture) Layer renamed to UV Map in the user interface - Template:Commit


  • Node inputs that are angles were not in the correct units, now they are internally radians and degrees in the user interface - Template:Commit
    • Saving 2.61 files with earlier Blender versions and reopening them in a newer version will not work correct, always save with the same or a newer version.
  • Change various default values for compositing node inputs - Template:Commit, Template:Commit
  • Muting nodes is now also supported for shader and texture nodes, and inside node groups - Template:Commit
  • Material nodes: top right icon in the node now shows brighter for the active node (that will output passes). - Template:Commit


  • World mist intensity options reorganized to make the user interface more clear - Template:Commit
  • Operator to delete objects from all scenes, shortcut shift+delete - Template:Commit
  • Align active camera to selected operator, to frame all selected, renderable objects - Template:Commit
  • Text editor with tabs as spaces enabled now jumps indentation spaces as if they were tabs - Template:Commit
  • Border select operators in all editors now includes an Extend property, to extend or replace the selection - Template:Commit
  • Theme options to show panel header background and mute icon colors - Template:Commit
  • Changes to drawing of editor splitting, region expand and UI embossing - Template:Commit, Template:Commit
  • More useful error messages for failed image loading - Template:Commit
  • Saving images in the image editor now shows image format settings, and various changes to show only settings when they apply for the chosen format - Template:Commit, Template:Commit , Template:Commit, Template:Commit
  • Background images can now be individually disabled - Template:Commit
  • Tweak event threshold value in user preferences, for tablets - Template:Commit