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Blender 2.61 Guidelines for SVN > Changelog

Note: Please dont just add items unless they are included in the svn range listed below. otherwise we cant keep track of whats in.

When moving reports into the changelog...

  • include bugfixe numbers [#1234] and svn commits as r1234, these are converted into links later.
    Use this formatting:
    fix [#54321] Some issue fixed - r12345 ... or
    fix: Some issue fixed - r12345 ... or
    Some change made - r12345
  • sentences should make sense on their own, not just copy commit log or tracker report's which don't always have a lot to do with the actual fix or are too technical.


  • maintenance commits (build system, corrected spelling, compiler warnings, doc generator)
  • fixes to mistakes in newly added code.
  • very minor fixes/slight changes in behavior (change log should be noteworthy)

Output of:

svn log -rXXX:YYY -v > log.txt
svn log -rXXX:YYY -v > log.txt