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Blender 2.61: Bug Fixes

Changes up to revision 42577. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.

3D viewport


Audio & Video




Game Engine

  • fix T29024: logic bricks did not have unique names - Template:Commit
  • fix T28865: object display bounds and game engine collision bounds are now separate properties to avoid confusion - Template:Commit
  • fix T29138: changing game engine physics type from soft body to other physics types did not work correct - Template:Commit
  • fix: action actuator ping-pong was not consistent with previous behavior - Template:Commit
  • fix: setting frame on action actuator playing in reverse did not work correct - Template:Commit
  • fix T28948: wrong default game engine backface culling when there is no material - Template:Commit
  • fix T28753: game engine mouse raycast not working correct at certain angles - Template:Commit
  • fix T28979: action actuator not working correct with animation from old file - Template:Commit
  • fix: wrong copy of game properties between linked objects - Template:Commit
  • fix: incorrect action actuator behavior with pulse mode (on the sensor) and continuous enabled - Template:Commit
  • fix: slow video texture rescaling, using non-power-of-two textures - Template:Commit
  • fix T27696: record animation in game engine not working with pre made fcurves - Template:Commit
  • fix T29434: cone collision bounds drawing on wrong axis - Template:Commit

Graphics Cards

  • fix: OpenGL renders on graphics cards which do not support non-power-of-two textures were stretched and the wrong size.
  • fix: selecting with z-buffer hiding did not work when graphics card settings enabled antialiasing, overriding application settings.
  • fix: last mesh triangle not drawn with VBO's enabled - Template:Commit
  • fix: workaround for half transparent windows when running blender-softwaregl with compiz - Template:Commit
  • fix T29520: issue drawing with VBO + GLSL + alpha pass - Template:Commit
  • fix T29546: missing 3d view redraw after game exit with overlap draw mode - Template:Commit
  • fix T26410, T29464: drawing with VBO enabled and multiple textures not working - Template:Commit
  • fix crash on some video cards in solid draw mode, with multiple materials on a mesh - Template:Commit







User Interface

Vertex Groups