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Blender 2.61: Addons

Changes up to revision 2766. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.


Non-release builds now include contributed addons that aren't approved yet to be included for official releases, but which can be now be tested by users with test builds. They can be found by enabling the supported level "Testing". - Template:Commit

Adobe After Effects Export

A new addon was added to export animation data to Adobe After Effects. The camera and placeholders for all of the objects you select can be exported and used to link After Effects' filters or layers basing on your scene created in Blender.


Atomic Blender (Protein Data Bank Import)

The importer 'Atomic Blender' (Menu -> File -> Import -> Protein Data Bank) can be used to load Protein Data Bank (PDB) files into Blender. It reads the coordinates of all atoms in the PDB file and represents the atoms as balls in the Blender scene. Also the sticks, which connect atoms, are shown if this option is chosen and if the sticks are listed in the PDB file.

Atomic Blender opens a panel in Blender, which can be found in the Tools tab (View3D). Some options, inputs and buttons help in the representation of the atoms and sticks.

Atomic Blender is interesting for scientists, who want to visualize their molecules, crystal structures, surfaces, etc. with Blender. The PDB format is widely distributed and can be produced by many programs including programs like CrystalMaker or Vesta. Thanks to Blender, fancy graphics can be obtained meeting the standards of top-level journals with an high impact factor. r2711


Nuke Camera Animation Import/Export

From this release on you can use the *.chan files to exchange the animation of cameras or objects between Blender and Nuke, or any other software that can handle this format (there are similiar scripts for most of the 3d softwares).


Acclaim and C3D Importer

Acclaim skeleton and motion capture, and C3D graphics lab motion Capture file importers added. - Template:Commit, Template:Commit

These scripts were developed with financial support from the Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal.

Acclaim Importer Documentation
C3D Importer Documentation


Network Render

  • fix #29043: netrender error with fluid sim modifier - Template:Commit
  • fix: netrender script error scanning for master - Template:Commit
  • fix: netrender connection issue on Mac - Template:Commit
  • fix: netrender error in sending thumbnail to master - Template:Commit
  • fix: cancel button not working in some cases, hide completed and cancelled sessions - Template:Commit