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Blender 2.60 Bug Fixes

Changes up to revision 41092. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.


  • fix: Add object operators rotation value too sensitive when dragging - r39318
  • fix #28240: Selecting more than one object in the outliner with shift + left mouse button not working - r39386
  • fix #28425: Adding objects aligned to view did not show applied rotation in tools panel - r39804
  • fix #28460: Crash when trying to make empty display as image - r39866
  • fix #28467: Crash while deleting objects in outliner too quickly - r39875
  • fix #28392: Some selection operators were working in linked scenes, others not - r40058
  • fix #28609: UV Sphere operator allows segments and ring to be set to zero - r40102
  • fix #28619: Values of grid size were allowed to be below 3, when adding a primitive - r40130
  • fix #28611: Subdivision value for icosphere should not be below 1 - r40156
  • fix #28729: World units not used for new object creation - r40507
  • fix #28681: Transform type switch does not work correct for repeat - r40586
  • fix: crash caused by invalid active material index while editing text - r40940


  • fix #28236: Separate By Material failed when some mesh material slots are unassigned - r39393
  • fix #28227: Ability to unwrap all selected mesh objects was missing - r39422
  • fix #28258: Snap target option missing in uv editor - r39460
  • fix #28262: UV unwrap in sync selection mode unwrapped all faces irrespective of selection - r39494
  • fix #28344: Incorrect loading 2.4x multires meshes with multiple materials - r39647
  • fix #28301: Sculpting object with rotation transform was not working correct - r39712
  • fix #28427: Smooth faces flash momentarily when extruded using "extrude and move on normals" tool (E key) - r39805
  • fix #28347: Mesh drawing with VBO's enabled highlights wrong faces with mirror modifier - r39777
  • fix #28551: Select similar by normals ignores z component of normal angles - r40015
  • fix #28590: Sculpt overlay texture in viewport drawing glitches - r40070
  • fix #28693: Proportional edit hangs on mesh with large scale - r40461
  • fix #28801: Proportional editing not working well with X mirror, disabled - r40793


  • fix #28273: Crash drawing curve using follow path and bevel object - r39440
  • fix: Front/Back togles should not disable when curve is 2D and bevel object is used - r39442
  • fix #28274: Ability to select other objects from edit mode was missing (ctrl + right mouse) - r39475
  • fix #28370: Border select for curve or metaball did not update selection statistics in info header - r39709
  • fix #28695: Nurbs curves would disappear when order was too low - r40451


  • fix #28280: Insert hook wrong index when modifying mesh in edit mode - r39878
  • fix #28423: Screw modifier crash in conjunction with subsurf modifier - r39903
  • fix #28500: Reshape in multires modifier with subdivision level zero would crash - r39904
  • fix #28635: Mirror modifier clipping still active when modifier is disabled - r40176
  • fix #28654: Warp modifier does not support negative strength when Vertex Group is used - r40218
  • fix #28226: Selection highlighting wrong when solidify modifier is used - r40467
  • fix #26193: Weight painting on mesh with armature modifier fails with x-mirror and auto normalize - r40819


  • fix: Missing updates with multiple node editors open - r39346
  • fix #27803: Editing texture did not update compositing nodes using that texture - r39415
  • fix: Selecting output node in compositor did unnecessary re-compositing if the output was already active - r39582
  • fix #28289: Node delete with reconnect now works in a few more cases - r39684
  • fix #28585: Read full sample layers not working in compositor - r40453
  • fix #28436: ID mask compositing node creates feather around object even with antialiasing turned off - r40742


  • fix: Running bpy.ops.render.render('INVOKE_DEFAULT') would crash blender - r39362
  • fix: Crash loading a file from a script and executing user modules in the newly loaded file - r39567
  • fix: Crash running a python script in a non-utf8 blend path - r39714
  • fix #28413: bpy.ops.nla.bake can't bake from frame zero - r39789
  • fix #28389: did not emboss menu button correct in the 3D view tools region - r39928
  • fix #28558: Mesh.edge_keys did not match number of Mesh.edges - r40021
  • fix: Exporting multiple particle system crash - r40534
  • fix #28742: with icon draws wrong in headers - r40580
  • fix #28725: Fluid simulation bake could not be executed from python - r40642
  • fix: Crash in demo mode addon - r40660

Game Engine

  • fix #25603: Bad shadows in game engine in stereo mode - r39380
  • fix: Joystick sensor axis number was limited to 2, when it should be 8 - r39509
  • fix: Python API GameObject.linVelocityMin was returning linVelocityMax - r39723
  • fix #28362: Controllers names appear incorrectly with a python query - r39767
  • fix #25062: Game engine 3D sound was not working on non-mono sounds, now is mixed down automatically - r39796
  • fix #28167: Restart game actuator don't get changed material mode - r40113
  • fix: Game engine text objects did not show up in dome mode - r40271
  • fix #28672: Blender (not player) crash after exiting a game that was opened with autoplay on - r40319
  • fix: Game engine dome mode did not work with game autostart - r40766
  • fix #27071: Random crashes when altering a mesh vertex vector - r40833

Key Configuration

  • fix: Problem editing keymaps when filter is enabled - r39387
  • fix #28202: Deactivating keymap items did not save properly - r39409
  • fix #28404: Certain keyboard shortcuts not shown in menus, for example in graph editor channel menu - r39934
  • fix #28310: Import of key configuration with modal keymap not working - r40043
  • fix #28202: Modified keymap operator properties were not saved - r40786

File Browser

  • fix #28250: Append file browser will ask to create new directory inside a .blend - r39404
  • fix: File browser converting operator arguments to the file selector wasn't making paths absolute - r39703
  • fix #28549: File browser recent directories could include directory that doesn't exist - r40462
  • fix #28726: Maya key configuration lost after opening a new file - r40673
  • fix #27578: File browse UI area not scaling well with user interface - r40768
  • fix #28809: File browser wrong icon display - r40799

User Interface

  • fix #28245: Checkbox in menu items fail for boolean arrays. - r39388
  • fix #28162: Texture properties didn't show correct texture datablock chooser with two nested material nodes - r39416
  • fix: Missing and unnecessary undo stack pushes with various operators and buttons - r39526, r39529, r39532, r39533
  • fix: #28341: Changed new text block shortcut key to Ctrl+N to avoid conflicts typing special characters with Alt+N - r39738
  • fix #28295: Outliner menu item clicking incorrectly passed through - r39780
  • fix #28503: Selecting a grease pencil from the properties panel did not update 3D View - r39910
  • fix #28504: File load did not show errors when loading a recent file from the splash screen - r39925
  • fix: Console scrolling could incorrectly reset while typing - r40311
  • fix #28489: Using tablet to select items in the outliner did not work reliably - r40459
  • fix #28752: Brush icons not scaling correctly with DPI - r40622
  • fix #28185: Missing update in outliner after selection - r40662
  • fix: Reset to default could fail in operator redo panel - r40671
  • fix #28432: Scrolling list respond incorrect if mouse not moved - r40720
  • fix #28848: Editing object name (e.g.), Ctrl-Shift-Arrows don't work as Ctrl-Arrows - r40862
  • fix: Various glitches with text selection behavior - r40863, r40864, r40866
  • fix #28883: redraw problems for particle mode's brush menu - r40947
  • fix: UI jump in normal buttons for buttons on first press - r41024
  • fix: editing for text input of multi-byte unicode characters - r41049

3D View

  • fix #28373: Lock camera to view option in 3d view did not work with 3D mouse - r39739
  • fix: Grease pencil sketch sessions undo system was not working fully - r39960
  • fix #28545: Reseting OpenGL lights to default in user preferences wrong - r40036
  • fix #28459: Fly mode precision enable not working, freelook missing - r40530
  • fix #28379: Fly mode not working from orthographic camera - r40556
  • fix: mesh VBO drawing code was swapping red/blue vertex colors - r40886
  • fix #28882: grease pencil draw appearance seems to change wieght/thickness after a while - r40948


  • fix #27718: Drivers on modifier properties were missing updates - r39419
  • fix: Pose mode armature selection outline was not being drawn for non-active, selected armature - r39447
  • fix #28194, #28269: Proxy object was not showing pose mode as available in 3d view header mode menu - r39489
  • fix: Renaming bones could crash or not update 3d view locked bone names - r39657
  • fix: Selecting locked bones in UI did not work in edit mode - r39657
  • fix #28435: Key visual transform and parenting not working - r39871
  • fix #28668: Crashes entering edit mode on armature in some situations - r40247
  • fix #28651: Dopesheet crash when configuring keymap to use translate tool - r40454
  • fix #28765: Keyframe handles were not moved with curves in graph editor when hidden - r40678
  • fix #28773: Auto set preview range and view all not working on selection in dopesheet - r40716
  • fix #28788: Problem scaling bones with individual origins option enabled - r40753
  • fix #28807: Python Drivers breaking after undo - r40798
  • fix #28821: Whole Character keying set ignores non animatable propertyflag - r40855, r40868
  • fix #28850: With "Auto-keyframe" on, the "Selection to Cursor" option doesn't create keyframe - r40907
  • fix #28898: Crash when Home key during GreasePencil dopesheet pressed - r40978
  • fix #28907: frozen playback when no audio device set with AV-sync - r40995
  • fix #28916: bake sound to fcurve crash - r41014


  • fix #28277: Changing smoke border collision type did not reset cache - r39490
  • fix #28207: Cloth pin option should not be animatable - r39496
  • fix #28216: Particle object rotation wrong when rendering - r39515
  • fix #28336: Particles with all elements of a group zero would crash - r39648
  • fix #28352: Crash deleting group name in particles render panel - r39659
  • fix #28239: Particle billboard rendering problem with 3x3 split - r39688
  • fix: Multithreaded fluid baking was not working with some thread counts (12 for example) - r40486
  • fix: Multithreading of fluids, smoke, cloth, sculpting crashes in Mac OS X - r40613
  • fix #28416: Fluid simulation with start time other than zero was wrong - r40691


  • fix #28265: Blender 2.59 not starting on OS X with old 3D Mouse driver - r39495
  • fix #28304: File browser on windows was missing A: and B: drivers - r39695
  • fix: Running "blender -E" crash - r40126
  • fix: Blender 2.49 playback did not take frame step into consideration - r40670
  • fix #28243: On windows, a window lost focus when switching from full screen with Alt+F11 - r39423
  • fix: On windows, the console would incorrectly show on startup until saving default settings - r39420
  • fix: Autosave was writing to the wrong location if no user preference temporary directory was set - r40674


  • fix: Bump mapping in texture was using wrong image resolution - r39530
  • fix #28351: Crash setting active render layer to None - r39660
  • fix: Problem using procedural textures as bump map with antialiasing - r39725
  • fix #28388: Clouds texture with high depth rendering artifacts- r39741
  • fix #28401: OpenGL render option disables border clipping - r39757
  • fix #28394: Clouds texture rendering error with high depth and blender original noise - r39931
  • fix #28332: Smoke simulation rendering artifacts when precaching with asymmetry - r40159
  • fix #28599: Wrong re-assigning of layers in renderlayer node when deleting a render layer - r40172
  • fix #28722: Crash rendering with empty voxel data - r40465
  • fix #28113: ZTransp flag is not imported correctly from 2.49 files - r40826
  • fix #28744: Object mapped textures in linked files are not rendered properly - r40554
  • fix #28728: Volume precaching was slow for many small objects with volume materials - #28728
  • fix: Bump map factor was inverted, now black is down and white up - r40714
  • fix #27526: Material linked to object data rendering different for same data - r40775


  • fix #28356: STL import could result in duplicated objects - r39673
  • fix #28322: COLLADA imports messed up UVs - r39899
  • fix #27884: Collada import would ignore multiple materials used on different meshes - r39906
  • fix: Collada import could hang reading unsupported data - r39912
  • fix #28614: Collada exporter not exporting ambient term - r40164
  • fix #28909: OpenCollada export / import sintel lite v2.1 crashes on import - r41000

Sequence Editor

  • fix #28158: Sequencer image crop animation got lost on adding/removing strips - r40652
  • fix #28023: Sequence editor transform markers operator not working - r40763
  • fix #28860: crash loading scene sequence strip - r40889
  • fix: crash drawing waveform with zero length sound - r40937
  • fix #28879: can't change names of some of the VSE strips - r40943
  • fix #28880: relative paths don't work with Change Path/Files - r40945

Image and Video

  • fix #28340: Image bit depth or quality could not be set from image save - r39663
  • fix #28430: Image with stampinfo does not get saved correctly with alpha - r39814
  • fix #27887: HuffYUV and FFV1 where not rendering losslessly - r40765
  • fix #28780: Undo for image paint on image sequences problem - r40770
  • fix #27532: Undo for image paint on generated image problem - r40772
  • fix #27978: Problem exporting OGG theora vorbis video - r40785
  • fix #26837: MPEG Preseek does not work for some h264 files. - r40951
  • fix #28864: crash rendering out file with audio - r40956

Bugs fixed in Blender 2.60a

  • 3D window: Armature-bones with wire draw type were not displaying in solid view mode - r41113
  • 3D window header: After collapsing the pull-down menus, no icon available to make them show again. - r41117
  • Dopesheet: Fixed crash when moving keys in editor - r41128
  • Audio export: 7.1 export was being miscalculated - r41132
  • Game Engine: Action actuator breaks animation. IPO options can be set too frequently - r41134
  • 3D Window: missing updates when changing smoke flow settings - r41151
  • Node editor: missing updates when assigning/removing Materials on Objects - r41152
  • Adding a new pose to the Pose Library crashed - r41175
  • Fix for un-handled exception in audio library - r41203
  • Incorrect keying set names 'Scale' vs 'Scaling', where 'Scale' was hard coded in auto keyframe when 'Only Insert Needed' - r41211
  • Python: RNA/API, getting Event.ascii would crash - r41214
  • Addons / Exporter: Quake MAP export gives an error for UV textured geometry - r2504

Download 2.60a here.