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Blender 2.58: Bug Fixes


  • World starfield generation would hang - #27174, R36349
  • General error in coderivative for orthogonal camera. Culprit was new bump failing on orthogonal cameras - #27492, R36987
  • Stamp text would not display some lower lines - #27221, R36390
  • Renderslot missing - #27285, R36503
  • Fix memory leak caused by re-making mipmaps - R36569
  • fix for DDS textures in DXT1n format - patch #21590: R36541,R36546
  • Support for rendering local view camera has been added back - R36384
  • Fixed: Volume Material Density Inaccuracy - #27438, 37227
  • Displacement mapping did not do linear interpolation between pixels, causing render artefacts. - #27081, R37342
  • Fixed: Scene's render.filepath gets cropped to 159 characters - #27607, 37363
  • Fix for: Full Sample AA (FSA) was failing in cases - #27519, R37433
  • Fix: bug with bump mapping + reflection texture coordinates + nodes. - #27540, R37453
  • Fix: When adding renderlayer nodes in a composite, without having own scene render, the renderlayer nodes were not tagged as changed, causing compositing to give previous result. - #27692, R37669


  • Fix: RGB color node supports to set alpha too but never put alpha in the output - #27305, R36598
  • Fix: color key hue flipping error (composite node) - #27510, R37051
  • Fix: socket connection issue with node groups not working right - #27511, R37054
  • Fix: group nodes with a linked datablock that was missing would crash - #27309, R37106
  • Fix: Scaling in compositor down to 1 pixel size crashed Gaussian blur. - #27601, R37318
  • Fix for compositor round math node not working correctly - R37292
  • Node editor: collapsed node did not allow sizing it using the right hand side grab thingamabobs. - #27105, R37409


  • GLSL color management + vertex color was not working right - #26697, R36443
  • GLSL diffuse/specular was not clamping negative values - #26807, R36444
  • Missing 3d view updates when editing GLSL material nodes - #27098, R36439
  • Fix: GLSL filter uniform variable not set for group instance. - #27635, R37446
  • Fix: reflection texture coordinates + nodes not working right in GLSL - #27703, R37655
  • Fix: crash drawing zero length motion paths - R37671


  • Crash fix when removing IK constraints - #26920, R36473
  • Skeleton Sketching - Unclear UI for converting sketches into bones - #25886, R37006
  • Empty proxy did not maintain draw type and size - R36449
  • Creating a new UV layer in edit mode failed to copy previous one - #27176, R36350
  • When The FONT object is blank, the dimensions are calculated wrong - #27346, R36579
  • "Make single user Material+Tex" does not work for textures - #27443, R36822
  • Missing Live LSCM Update after Aligning of pinned vertices - #27198, R36376
  • Copy Mirrored UV Coords missing the reverse option - #27199, R36379
  • UV unwrap was stretching - #27164, R36348
  • Create new shapekey on lattice was always adding the mixed shape - #27485, R36906
  • adding shape keys now creates shapes from base mesh instead of from the current shape mix - R36692
  • Fix for difficulty selecting bones with boneshapes enabled and some bones made un-selectable - #27194, R36367
  • Extrude Repeat Mesh does not have options - #27224, R36397
  • Translation constraint was broken - #27333, R36806
  • Transforming with the center point directly on the view location would fail when constraining the axis - #27057, R36378
  • Bezier control points move incorrectly - #27217, R36573
  • fcurve/boolean evaluation, values below zero are no longer evaluated to true - R36903
  • converting grease pencil now works in the camera view - R36765
  • loopcut now follows "Release confirms" user preference - R36491
  • Flymode moving the camera or its root-parent is now a preference- #27459, R36824
  • Fix: Linked object (camera) should not be able to set position by using camera to view operator - #27557, R37091
  • Fix: vertex groups could have duplicate names set - #27554, R37199
  • Fix Mirror Shapekey and Mirror vertex Group not working for Lattice. - #27572, R37239
  • Fix for incorrect edge slide snapping - R37294
  • Fix vertex group copy to selected when some objects had no vertex groups R37302
  • Fix P key for setting playback range is clamped to > 0. - #27586, R37315
  • Fixed: Box select of mesh object disabled or translated due to curve object - #27615, R37327
  • Ending localview was not updating layers correctly - #27136, R37370
  • Fix: non-active object in weight paint mode does not free memory. - #27594, R37448
  • Fix: Script error for UVs->Copy Mirrored UV coords - #27707, R37685


  • Going into sculpt mode could crash - #27271, R36464
  • Texture paint face selection mask did not work on multires - #27230, R36432
  • face mask selection in texture paint mode was broken since 2.4x - R36440
  • Fix: Sculpt data is lost after editing base mesh - #27539, R37087
  • Fix Color picker fails with a very small brush - #27559, R37242
  • Fix projection painting on float images, added color correction and improved speed. - R37276
  • Fix for float projection painting, now updating correctly. - R37276
  • Select vertex groups under the cursor in weight paint mode was missing from 2.4x- #27479, R36891
  • Fix: the radial control would fail, in sculpt mode, to set size if object-space sizing was enabled - R36975
  • Fix: Sculpt and Paint undo steps kept hanging in the sculpt/paint modes. - #27573, R37473


  • Crash fix for edge split with certain topologies - #27266, R36455
  • Wave modifier falloff was incorrect compared with 2.4x - #27186, R36361
  • boolean intersects would give invalid results with no intersection - #27392, R37005
  • Armature multimodifier was not working in edit mode - #27480, R36913
  • Fix: vertex parenting not working with constructive modifiers. - #27654, R37503


  • Fix: particle Instance modifier does not work correctly with Hair Dynamics. - #27461, R37116
  • Keyed physics did not work properly if the first key was not the keyed particle system itself - R37430
  • Subframes cause dampened particles to behave differently - #27294, R36504
  • Fix: crash with point density texture when using particle age/velocity fallof for object vertices - #27241, R37103
  • One particle could be generated twice at vertex - #27131, R36701
  • Fix: Hair Combing intersects emitter when combed fast - #26939, R37693

Library System:

  • Make Proxy ignored group offset - #26727, R36375, R36456
  • Appending armatures with custom bone shapes brings no custom objects into scene.. impossible to edit - #27437, R36810
  • Append objects with linked materials disappeared after save when linking in files to an unsaved blend file, make all library paths absolute - #27405, R36735
  • Used light groups did not get linked in with materials automatically - #27465, R36914
  • Appending could crash with preview enabled - #27158, R36757
  • Fix f-curve generator modifier file read missed endian switch - #27541, R37073

Python Scripting:

For a comprehensive list of api changes see the api changelog

  • Support for adding copies of existing drivers to other animdata blocks via PyAPI/RNA - R36342
  • Support for dynamic items in bpy.props.EnumProperty(), the items keyword argument can optionally be a function rather then a list - R36928
  • Loading data with, now swaps out the strings in the list to load with the actual datablocks - R36869
  • Fix WindowManager.invoke_search_popup() crashes blender and does not work - #27324, R36548
  • 3 problems: crash and enum "REGION" not found in ('VERTS') - #27035, R36741,R36743
  • screenshot operator can now be executed directly, python can screenshot with: bpy.ops.screen.screenshot(filepath="some_image.png") - R36770
  • Fixed: Python interactive console incorrect autocompleation - #27495, R37358
  • Fix: Python: crash assigning a 'set' to an array - #27681, R37575
  • Fix: Python memory leak converting ID Property groups to dictionaries - R37581
  • Fix: Memory leaks when creating popup window - #26621, R37589

Game Engine:

  • Crash when physics constraint is defined on non-active objects - #26775, R37026
  • Fix for broken embedded game engine viewport when not using letterboxing - R36964
  • No material rendered differently in View3D compared to the game engine - #27414, R36723
  • fix for Object Color in BGE - patch #27133, R36543
  • Python API: PhysicsConstraints ID was cast to an int on 64bit systems - #26753, R36970
  • Fix: audaspace not playing files in blenderplayer - #27562, R37110
  • Fix: Replace mesh for gfx in "Edit Object" actuator acted illogically + other booleans that are flipped - #27556, R37117
  • Python Controller, Clear "Script" when setting Script Controller mode to "Module" - R37427
  • Support for anti-aliasing and embedding for blenderplayer on windows - R36470

Sequencer (Video Editor):

  • Crash fix for large M4V - #27353, R36717
  • Strobe setting did not work with effect strip - #27422, R36734
  • Some settings of adjustment layers were not functional - #27421, R36734
  • Sequencer strips.elements was broken when strip was trimmed - R36909
  • Fix: effect sequence strips could have negative lengths, crashing with animated opacity #27568, R37172
  • Fix: Weird results when animating opacity on (color) strip - #27553, R37090
  • Fix sequencer effect transform resulting in overlapping strips - R37299
  • Fix: Transforming sequencer effects strips crashes - #27671, 37550
  • Fix: Add effect strip ignore channel argument - #27700, R37654


  • 2D view panning and zooming is now fully keymappable - #27181, R36643
  • Shaded checkbox is not working - #27160, R36465
  • Menus disappear particle edit mode wireframe draw - #27257, R36441
  • Added missing seed button for halo materials - #27243, R36430
  • Text editor "Find" does not locate words - #27319, R36539
  • Tooltip text renders incorrectly - #27218, R36463
  • *Invalid Path* in all "operator presets" dropdowns - #27148, R36448
  • Global Pivot Option was not functional - #27268, R36462
  • Manipulator in particle mode does not work - #27142, R36703
  • Crash on image editor after loading exr images - #27478, R36895
  • Crashes with some high-res image thumbnail generation skip generating thumbs for images over 100mb - #27203, R36433
  • StringProperty with sub_type of FILE_PATH not updated correctly from icon - #26618, R36827
  • Fix menus getting closed too quick when moving mouse not exactly towards them, noticeable for the vertex groups or material slot utility menus - R36769
  • view/camera/set active object as camera sometimes "disabled" in gui (grayed out) - #27193, R36366
  • uvedit mesh selection sync did not handle click / shift+click for switching selection modes in the header - #27165, R36436
  • uiItemsFullEnumO: operator missing srna - #27304, R36508
  • Texture preview fails when path to custom brush icon is set - #26590, R36345
  • Fix direction properties not showing the right direction editing widget - R36771
  • improved image sequence usability by displaying the requested frame even if it cannot load - R36413
  • Image Editor toolbox menu has been removed (was an experiment and not in any other space) - R36435
  • Undo history added back, hotkey alt+ctrl+z (alt+apple+z for mac) - R37185
  • Popup menus now scroll when they dont fit in the screen - R37185
  • Interface DPI now scaled the entire UI - R37185
  • Avoid accidentally hideing headers (such as the file menu), when the header takes up the entire space - R37203
  • Fix: Manual save kills actual .blend file if disk space is low - #27410, R37098
  • Fix: export key configuration gave error when trying to export properties from an unknown (e.g. removed) operator. - #27490, R37075
  • Fix: texture node editor header was still showing texture datablock selector even if there is no active texture slot or node, now it's disabled in that case. - #27550, R37078
  • Fix: resetting default values on buttons: shortcut key changed from numpad 0 to delete, fix missing undo push - R37043
  • Fix for crash opening the file selector twice with multiple windows open - R37232
  • Fix keymap items created in python being added with the python operator names instead of the internal names. R37249
  • Fix for small button values displaying as zero - R37286, R37289
  • Fixed: Operator redo: F6 menu did not work for macros yet - #26886, R37339
  • Fixed: Turning off all OpenGL lamps gives strange behavior - #27627, R37373
  • Theme color fix for button type "Value slider". On text editing mode, the selected part of the text was invisible. - #27138, R37407
  • Fix: Color sliders greater then 1.0 dont show their ratios correctly - #27673, R37543
  • Fix: texture space panel was missing for curve & metaballs - #27660, R37592
  • Crash when closing new render window with render error message showing in the main window - #27522, R37022


  • Fix: light quadratic attenuation exported wrong - #27463, R37454
  • Fix: crash on collada import if input_set is missing - #27474, R37658
  • Transparency texture import support - R37662
  • Fix: instance_node import incorrectly handled - #26821, R37663
  • Fix: Collada incorrect names/ids on import - #26912, R37664


  • Fix crash with load/save on Mac, on files that close & open a window when loading them - #26728, R36840
  • Pasting long text crashes blender (Windows) - #27359, R36645
  • Command window was not opening (Windows) - #26981, R36426
  • Zoom not working after startup (Windows) - #26938, R36426
  • Fix crash when opening in Windows, non-latin char in path - #26715, R36507
  • Fixed scrolling lists with the mousewheel for some X11 windowmanagers - R36573
  • Various operators were missing with some non-english system languages - #27445, R36912
  • Could not import key configuration with systemwide install - #27143, R36460
  • Fix: windows uninstaller could remove files unrelated to blender when installing to a folder that already existed. - #27481, R37074
  • Fix: Python/Windows issue: "import uuid" results in an error popup - #27666, R37573