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Misc Changes:

  • Fix: PSK/PSA action option - R2047
  • Fix: DirectX Export parent/child relationships - R1890
  • Fix: STL import in Win 7 64bit - #26895, R1895
  • Fix: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file importing incorrectly - #27456, R1960
  • Added visual and local copying for object transforms - R1953


  • Fix: Linux network render error - #25387, R2041
  • Fix: Netrender Blacklisting slaves - #25888, R2043
  • Fix: The Network Renderer renders black images - #26241, R2045
  • Add rna callback to server address property so that it correctly checks if the server exists when the value changes. - R2044

X3D/VRML Format:

  • Fix: Export uses incorrect <group> and <transform> node names - R1888
  • Fix: Export of fog is incorrect - #27364, R1933
  • Fix: Export would not ensure unique names - R1999
  • Fix: Extra line segment added on import - #27697, R2040
  • Added export support for writing IndexedTriangleSet meshes rather than IndexedFaceSet - R1984
  • Added export option to write normals - R1987
  • Added support for exporting parent/child hierarchy - R2001
  • Added support for exporting different path modes and optionally copying on export - R2031

FBX Format Export:

  • Was exporting with 100x scale, use 1.0 instead - R1896
  • Write out deformed meshes as parentless since the bones `own` them - R1897
  • Do not write a global root object anymore - R1897
  • Fix: Writing files with parented empty fails - #27595, R2010

PLY Format:

  • Fix: PLY importer fails with windows line endings - #27369, R1917
  • Fix: PLY importer does not support float based vertex colors - #27691, R2049

Wavefront OBJ Format:

  • Fix: Normalmap imports with Color ticked - #27325, R1908
  • Fix: Import fails with international characters in path - #27338, R1911
  • Fix: Exporter doesn't export bump, spec/ importer wrong shader settings - #27332, R1912
  • Fix: Export, export wardiso spec value not used. - #27367, R1945
  • Fix: Export regression in 2.5, unable to export curves as edge-list anymore - #27617, R2023

BVH Motion Capture Format:

  • Fix for importing euler rotations - R1927
  • Added support to export different rotation orders as well as pose bone native order - R1926

Povray Render:

  • Fixed a bug with Fresnel diffuse shader not working correctly - R1903
  • Fixed a bug preventing some scenes to render was due to an indentation error - R1959
  • Fixed a minor bug with SSS property - R2003
  • Added spacing_multiplier to object photons block so per object photon count tuning is now possible - R1915
  • Added instance support - R2002

3D Coat Integration:

  • Fixed but with inverted normals - R2007
  • Fixed the bug when two or more objects doesn't have materials - R2022
  • Added ability to multi-select objects and press import button and it will update all selected objects. - R2012


For full descriptions see commit logs.

  • User can disable control and deform rig generation on copy and copy_chain - R1940
  • Users can now specify layer names in the metarig armature properties - R2037
  • Fixed bug in default human metarig that caused generating to fail - R1990
  • Added a 'copy_chain' rig type, useful for bone chains that need their parent-child relationships preserved exactly - R1928
  • Added a new spine rig which replaces the old spine rig, and has a super-set of the old spines features - R2034
  • Added bend hinting to the arm and leg rigs - R2036

Add Mesh, 3D Function:

  • Changed how wrapping is done to avoid generating unnecessary vertices and make the result more intuitive - R2026
  • Added helper functions the results of which can be used in x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v) - R2026
  • Added ability to close the ends of an U-wrapped surface - R2026
  • It's now possible to create multiple objects with one set of formulae properly even when they start with an entirely straight chain - R2026