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Blender 2.57b update log

Essential Fixes

  • fix crash when pressing Enter on menu item which load a file: Ctrl+N,Enter or Ctrl+O,Enter r36287
  • fix crash appending/linking objects #27158, r36313
  • fix crash for files saved with file selector open r36321
  • fix crash with edge split modifier #26993, r36330
  • fix for numerous cases where material links would be lost when making object data local #27178, r36332
  • fix for crash getting the vertex weight from object types which don't support this vertex groups. r36291


  • fixed a memory leak on canceling bake r36284
  • fix for memory leak with node group members that have multiple ouputs some of which are unused #27104, r36290
  • fix for node socket bug which lead to incorrect black/white output levels r36306
  • fix 3d text and simple deform modifier giving bad results #27048, r36301
  • fix for boid particles getting Z clamped to 0.0 when "Allow Flighting" is on. #27112, r36325


  • fix changing selected shapekeys in editmode causing badly deformed keys #26959, r36296
  • mesh.dupli_extrude_cursor (Ctrl+Click extrude), failed when the selected vertex was behind the view #27091, r36279
  • fix all mesh normals being recalculated when adding meshes in editmode #27121, 36323
  • skip displace modifier when no changes are needed r36319
  • setting subsurf with Ctrl+1/2/3/4 now works in editmode too. #27126, r36299


  • fix for crash exporting Collada files to an invalid path #27162, r36326
  • RegionView3D.view_rotation was inverted, view_matrix is now writeable r36317


  • slider widget was showing strange colors with some themes #27139, r36324
  • fix for text editor syntax highlighting glitch when changing tab width. r36294


  • added support for sculpting on blended shape keys r36295
  • new view 'dolly', zoom which moves the view port forward in perspective mode, not restricted by the view rotational pivot. (Ctrl+Shift+MMB). r36283
  • continuous zoom now uses dolly settings for horizontal/vertical mouse & inverted movement.
  • convenience button in modifiers panels to allow switching to the physics tab r36327