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Add Ons Release Notes

As in older versions, in Blender 2.53 we supply a selection of scripts that are installed by default, but we have also implemented a new method for extending Blender with Python Scripts. These now are being distributed and stored as Add-ons which you can choose to enable or disable each individually. This helps to keep the interface clean and well organized.

In User Preferences there is a new panel called "Add-Ons": here you will find a selection of scripts in various categories, like Interface Helpers, Object Wizards, Import/Export extras and more, that you can enable, test, and disable when you don't need them anymore. Or, you can install them if you feel you need them in your daily job in Blender.

If you know how to develop in Python, use these scripts as examples to start writing your own scripts, and learn how to enhance Blender.

We hope you all enjoy the new Add Ons System for Python Scripts in Blender 2.5!

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