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Blender 2.49 Script Changes

Template:Release Notes/2.49/Python/Scripts

(Misc Fixes)

  • [#18772] c3d_import script crashes.
  • [#18388] PLY Import fails if line ending is not \n
  • [#17958] Image, edit externally failed on some paths
  • [#18479] 'Consolidate into one image' does not calculate/use 'pixel margin'
  • [#18407] Trouble w/, add python encoding info
  • [#11172] md2 export bug(s), export with object transformations applied.
  • [#18611] linewrap working again.
  • Vertex Paint, Self Shadow - didn't update for meshes with modifiers.
  • Mesh, Edges to Curve - was giving all points a tilt of 1.0
  • Vertex Color from Material, script was adding UV's rather then vertex colors.
  • UV Calc Click-Project and Follow Active Quads add UV's if they didn't exist.
  • Added support for image alpha.

Python API

Template:Release Notes/2.49/Python/API