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These are unsorted release notes collected from the pages. Added to have a more complete collection of Release Notes within the Blender Wiki space.

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Blender 2.45

The 2.45 is a bugfix release, to stabilize the 2.4x series. No new feature have been added, but serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them. Some performance issues have also been addressed.

September 18th, 2007

File:Blender 2.45 - Splash Screen.png

About this release

Continuing Blender 2.4x series lets us do periodic bug fix releases while new features are focused on Blender 2.50 (two point fifty, not five), allowing developers to perform radical changes that require a longer development cycle.

A complete list of bugfixes is available if you want to read all the nasty details. Or keep on reading for a quick "short" version:

  • SSS now works with panorama render.
  • Removed artifacts with negative lights when using SSS
  • Disabled SSS for preview rendering, so it didn't slow down other preview render at all.
  • Fixed error in "Transform Constraint" with planar constraints when the plane was perpendicular to the viewport.
  • Fixed the vector blur error in "Ztransp" that produce black lines (on edges) appeared, which didn't get blurred away.
  • Fixed an error in the Particle System that cause bad results for command line renders, especially when rendering first frame of animation.
  • Fixed Verse crashing in 64 bits Linux.
  • Math node now has reflective behaviour.
  • Multires meshes with UV's and vertex colors would crash in many cases.
  • Importing 3DS files with lamps failed.
  • DXF Importer updated, includes stable support for 3d objects and blocks hierarchy.
  • FBX Exporter updated, includes fixes for better compatibility with other applications and support for exporting animation with armature deformed meshes and objects.
  • Collada support updated for better armature support.
  • Bundled python modules were not included in 2.44 by accident, making some scripts fail in 2.44 that worked in 2.43 (Windows Only, when Python was not installed)
  • Fixed bug in the shadow calculation that cause errors where specularity would ignore shadows.
  • Changes to the insert keyframes method for determining when to replace existing keyframes with new ones. Now, it shouldn't create so many keyframes stacked on top of each other.
  • Blender would crash if boolean operations were done on objects wich resulted in an empty mesh. This was due to accessing invalid memory.
  • Remove the options "make local" in the Outliner. It didnt work properly and produced errors in the linked data.
  • Edgesplit crashes are fixed, the problem was that "bridge" vertices (which connect two or more faces that don't share edges) were not being included in the maximum final vertex count calculation (used for memory allocation, hence the crashes).
  • Fixed Multires Editmode memory leak. Typo in Multires Editmode integration meant that far too much memory was getting allocated for a pointer array (more than 10 times as much).

Complete list of Bug Fixes

Bugs reported by Blender users

This is a complete list of bugs reported by Blender users and fixed in Blender 2.45:

  • BugFix 6816 and 6988

Blender would crash if boolean operations were done on objects wich resulted in an empty mesh. Problem was and access to invalid memory.

  • BugFix 6983

Incorrect behavior of cancelling transform of IPO CVs.

  • BugFix 7051

The start preview in the world settings did not update in real time.

  • BugFix 7091

Blender crashes when a constraint was put between two armatures

  • BugFix 6939

Multires didn't set the level of edges to display properly.

  • BugFix 6876

Snapping to current frame in the sequence editor crashed Blender when one end of the strip was selected.

  • BugFix 6604

Texture painting location was not accurate in perspective mode.

  • BugFix 6977

Drawing float images with the tiles option crashed.

  • BugFix 7013

Added a warning when adding multires levels to a mesh with more than one vcol layer. The user can choose to allow multires to delete the non-active layer(s), or cancel.

  • BugFix 7406

Previously when deleting a scene, no checks were made to see if any render layer nodes in other scenes were referencing them, leaving them pointing to bad memory. Now, this checks all other scenes "nodetrees" and sets pointers to the to-be-deleted scene to NULL.

  • BugFix 7115

Changes to the "Strands" options in the Shadding context didn't update the Material Preview.

  • BugFix 6682

Some Mesh.Primitive default values didn't match UI values.

  • BugFix 7038

Text3d ScriptLink updated values in UI, but not in render.

  • BugFix #6698

The wrong hotkey given for the Remove Doubles entry in the 3d-view toolbox->edit->vertices menu has been fixed.

  • BugFix #6680

The use of # in the command line (to be replaced with the frame number), didn't work as expected and has been removed.

  • BugFix #6738

Fixed broken selection in the Oops editor.

  • BugFix #6730

Fixed Blender's displaying of GE bitmap text.

  • BugFix #6739

Fixed the vector blur error in Ztransp (This was an old bug in Blender that had existed since vector blur was added).

  • BugFix #6690

In the front or side view of the 3D viewport, SHIFTKEY + Widget translation caused the object's movement to become incoherent and uncontrollable.

  • BugFix #6718

The outliner didn't refresh after adding loading a new image from disk for use as an image texture.

  • BugFix #6735

Removed the error that showed up when trying to paste a pose onto protected proxy bones.

  • BugFix #6714

Fixed the bug where BlenderPlayer automatically tried to handle image(s) with FFmpeg, resulting in failure.

  • BugFix #6737

Fixed the face count being incorrectly reported when using Multires.

  • BugFix #6707

Fixed a crash that occured when loading an Indeo 5.1 AVI movie into the Sequence editor (Windows 32-bit)

  • BugFix #6799

Fixed where the Particle system was messing up Depsgraph tags, causing bad results in the command line renders (or in rendering first frame of animation).

  • BugFix #6798

Fixed where Multires eventually destroyed Meshes with ShapeKeys.

  • BugFix #6688

When a 2.44 blend was opened in 2.43 with the 'flatten' sculpt brush selected, Blender crashed.

  • BugFix #6809

The K-KEY in the 3D viewport did not exit keyframe mode in the Ipo Editor.

  • BugFix #6780

Deleting a marker using DELKEY or X-KEY required undoing the action twice.

  • BugFix #6856

Verse crashed on 64-bit Linux.

  • BugFix #6883

Fixed an obtuse error message in instances where 'glxChooseVisual()' returned NULL.

  • BugFix #6667

Fixed a console mode segfault in BlenderPlayer.

  • BugFix #6857

Cleaned up the test for triangles with near-colinear vertices so PHANTOM faces can be used again.

  • BugFix #6939

I-KEY for Fields was not working for Empty objects.

  • BugFix #6915

The Passepartout function covered up the active camera name in the 3D viewport.

  • BugFix #6945

Fixed the bug where trying to clear the rotation [ALT-R] of an armature bone failed while in Weight Painting mode.

  • BugFix #6831

Fixed where having Rot(ated) DupliVerts and a Mirror modifier applied to the editing cage crashed Blender.

  • BugFix #6946

The 'Save UV Layout' script returned an 'index out of range' error for large wire sizes.

  • BugFix #6875

Normal-space axis-constrained transforms were not working for bone scaling in pose mode.

  • BugFix #6918

With multilayer EXR files, rendering without "Do Composite" skipped rendering the vector pass. Also found a wrong loop, which missed clearing the speed vectors in the first pixel of a tile, causing an error print.

  • BugFix #7130, #7131, #7132, #7133, #7303

Fixed some headers for Solaris's compiler.

  • BugFix #7072

Remove the options "make local" in the Outliner. It didn't work properly and produced errors in the linked data.

  • BugFix #7125

The conversion from float to char (byte) was not correct. It should include the possibility for colors like 0.999999 to become 255 still.

  • BugFix #7020

Buttons window, Object context, Anim Settings panel, "draw key" did not work.

  • BugFix #7135

Compositor crashed when adding a time node.

  • BugFix #7299

Orbit around selected caused panning to be reversed.

  • BugFix #6923

NLA was calculating extensions of strips in the wrong order.

  • BugFix #6695, #7142

Edgesplit crashes are fixed, the problem was that "bridge" vertices (which connect two or more faces that don't share edges) were not being included in the maximum final vertex count calculation (used for memory allocation, hence the crashes).

Others Bugs fixed by the Dev Team

As well as all the reported bugs, the Dev Team has found and and taken care of the following:

  • Fixed the GamePlayer to correctly save a blender runtime.
  • Removed an opengl texture attribute change used while drawing the sculpt brush; was causing model shading to disappear on textured models.
  • Change the logic in the math node to require only one input, not two. This allows for an image to be processed with a value.
  • Fixed a bug with materials diffuse reflectivity set to 0, that caused errors on only shadow lamps (producing negative colors).
  • When X-Mirror is turned on for the armature, the roll from bones being "rolled" is now also mirrored.
  • Made inserting new keyframes use a coarser threshold for determining when to replace existing keyframes with new ones. Now, it shouldn't create so many keyframes stacked on top of each other.
  • Editing the value of the ParBone field in the Transform Properties panel was not stable. The problem seems to have been buffer-overflow type problems caused by maximum character limit that was set too high.
  • The Bullet Library (for Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics) has been upgraded to 2.53. This fixes a series of bug regarding 32-bit precision, collision detection, friction calculation, kinematic objects and several memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug in the ID Property code; now when you duplicate with [SHIFT-D] or any of the other duplication functions, the Property IDs are correctly preserved.
  • Fixed the Textured draw mode in 3D viewport and Game Engine.
  • Fixed a memory leak in Texture (a vector was not properly initialized).
  • Fixed a lighting problem in the Drawmesh system.
  • Smoothview option wasn't working with the Camera menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the action of reading the file system that occurred when trying get the length of a file.
  • Fixed a case where the Drawmesh system was using the original mesh's stats rather than the derived mesh.
  • Fixed a bug in the copying of Displace modifiers.
  • Fixed an error in the version patch for SSS; now the action of reading old files (from no-SSS builds) is correctly handled.
  • Fixed random crashes caused by the Autosave system that occurred after duplicating bones.
  • Fixed normal calculation for the cases where there were only Deform modifiers in the modifier stack. This bug caused quad-face normals to be calculated using the same vertex twice, resulting in bad normals.
  • Apply size/rotation on an armature did not scale the envelope.
  • Slight change to lamp energy calculation - make lamps invisible for shading if their 'visibility factor' is below to 0.001. This gives no perceptble visual difference, but can significantly speed up shading when using lots of omni lights with quad falloff over a large area.
  • The memory cache limitor didn't take mmap-allocated memory into account, resulting in effectively disableing it, since all imbuf-data is currently allocated using mmap.
  • Fixed initialization of Octree Resolution and Tri2Quad threshold.
  • Typo in Multires Editmode integration meant that way too much memory was getting allocated for a pointer array (more than 10 times as much).
  • Old bug in selection history meant that face selections were getting erased from history on editmode toggle.

The following bugs are fixed in the UI

  • The preview range could get/set with frame numbers less than 1. This caused problems with playback in a few cases, resulted in garbage numbers in the counter-cursor.
  • Problem fixed where a vertex group was renamed in the outliner, the name was not updated correctly in the visible Buttons window.
  • Certain buttons in the Render panel didn't update other Buttons windows in the case that their value was changed.
  • Certain buttons in the Logic panel are now correctly updated.
  • A fix is implemented to prevent the selection of bones that are hidden.
  • Fixed the font size problem in some panels that occurred when international fonts were active.
  • Fixed the Outliner to update when Scriptlinks are altered.
  • Fixed an update when using the "Only Shadow" option in the Lamp panel.
  • Fixed bad spelling in the Editing panel.

The following bugs are fixed in Python

  • Fixed segmentation fault in Python NLA, was missing a NULL check when looping through actions.
  • Fixed Object.shareFrom for objects that didn't have data linked or were an Empty.
  • Fixed a crash in Blender that occurred when trying to get curve data from an object with only 1 curve vertex.
  • Updated and fixed the Python documentation in the Render and Texture modules.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Noise module.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Armature module.
  • Fixed the DAG update when setting the object layers.
  • Fixed uninitialized variables in the Mesh module.
  • Fixed the wrong type definitions in some Python modules.
  • Fixed some memory leaks (that crashed Blender) in the Draw module.
  • Fixed memory leak, Armature objects didn't free their weakref.
  • Fixed possible invalid tooltip pointer for python user interfaces.
  • Fixed problem where Blender.Save() didn't except long paths.
  • Fixed mesh.getFromObject() when used with curve/surface/text type objects.
  • The python wrapper code for shape keys was really bad. The code assume mesh keys were MVerts, when in fact mesh keys are just arrays of three-float vectors, so shapekey data can now be editing directly, and is exposed as Mathutis.Vectors, also update the epydocs to explain how it all works now.

The following Python scripts have been fixed

  • Collada Exporter has been updated, some of these are:
Texture and materials exported better when using "Use UV".
Skeletal Animation export when baking matrices fixed.
Basic Skeletal animation exporting.
Object Properties exporting and importing.
  • FBX Exporter, update some of these are:
User interface
Armatures (stand alone and as mesh deformers)
Armature and Object keyframe animation
Object Groups
Batch Exporter
  • DXF importer, added stable support for 3d objects and multiple jobs.
  • Export OBJ; Fixed the problem in "copy images" with textures.
  • Import 3DS; Fixed the problem with importing lamps
  • 'Consolidate into one image' depended on an old script that is no longer distributed with blender.
  • Direct X Import can now import multiple objects.
  • Random Loc/Scale/Rot tweaks so that scale wont invert.

The following bugfixes and changes have been applied to the build system

  • Changed the CMake configuration to find Freetype2 on Gentoo.
  • The SCons configuration for Mac OS X now has:
Support for FFmpeg
The default version of Python as 2.3
Changes to the path of OpenAL to work with Gcc 3.4
The Game Engine and Blender Player set to be enabled by default.
Fix OpenEXR path in
  • The problem with SCons and command length are now fixed.
  • The NSIS installer (only on Windows) has been cleaned.
  • Verse now uses CCC in the Makefile, like the rest of Blender.
  • The Makefiles for Mac OS X have been modified to make the selection between static and dynamic more easy in the build process.
  • Updated the Makefiles, removing some of the gcc specific stuff. Basically moved some gcc options from individual Makefiles to