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Blender 2.40: Sequencer

Cut Sequence Strips

You can now cut sequence strips using K. Any selected strips (except Meta strips) will be cut at the current frame.

File:Seq cut a.png
Cutting sequence strips - before
File:Seq cut b.png
Cutting sequence strips - after


Strobe - In the N Strip Properties panel, you can set "Strobe" to something other than 1 for only displaying each nth picture of the strip. You know the effect from movies :)

"Strobe" is a float value - this way you can get a strobe effect synced exactly to a beat, for example, by using non-integer values.


Option to play sequence strips (Movie, Image, Scene) in reverse. New toggle in the NKEY buttons for sequence strips.


Sequence editor image preview supports zooming out


Added right mouse click to cancel a sequence strip transform, like everything else in blender.