Projects/Geometry Nodes/Sprint9

Sprint 9

  • Start: 2021/02/15
  • End: 2021/02/19
  • Goal: Attribute Workflow initial implementations and missing designs.


  • Jacques: 4 days
  • Pablo: 1 day
  • Hans: 4 days
  • Simon: 1 day


Sprint Review

What went well

  • Cutting meetings in smaller sections worked well.
  • Attribute system coming together is proving how good the overall design turned out to be.
  • The present approach to design tasks seems to be working.
  • Response by the community seems very positive.

What didn't go well

  • The may be over-promising the tasks for the sprint.
  • Having other tasks are still getting on the way.


  • Longer sprints (2 weeks) but with a weekly sprint planning revisit.
  • Try to include the needed time to clean up designs for its final form as part of their design meetings.