Projects/Geometry Nodes/Sprint10

Sprint 10

  • Start: 2021/02/22
  • End: 2021/03/05

Note: The team will meet in the middle of the sprint (Monday) to check if the sprint backlog is still valid.

  • Goal: Wrap up attribute Workflow and design for tool system.


  • Jacques: 8 days
  • Pablo: 1 day
  • Hans: 8 days
  • Simon: 2 day


Sprint Review

What went well

  • Code review is working well.
  • Community involvement is increasing.
  • Great to see things that are not strictly necessary being prioritized (e.g., attribute search and spreadsheet).
  • Amount of freedom we have to operate is paying off.
  • 2.92 Release shows that the minimal yet complete feature have strong foundations.
  • It is nice to see the new features merged.
  • Spreadsheet design process went well even though it should have fully preceded the coding stage.

What didn't go well

  • Sometimes it feels rushed, not leaving time to finishing up to completion some tasks.
  • That doesn't leave enough time for too many "good to have" tasks, leaving only the "must be done" tasks complete.
  • The spreadsheet building on scale phase started while the final design wasn't approved yet.
  • Team is growing disconnected with the tools that we are building.
  • Miscommunication regarding the main goals for this development cycle.
  • Spreadsheet was too big of a topic to not formally include other modules early in the design process.
  • Dalai found the past 2 weeks a bit overwhelming leading to a drop of quality in some of his responsibilities.


  • Hans wants to find time to tackle old standing issues.
  • We could have leveraged the quick prototype as a part of the design.
  • Try to use geometry nodes more.
  • Try to train the process and share the responsibilities for the design steps/process more.