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Geometry Nodes

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This part needs to be completed by the development team

Definition Of Ready

  • User story is clear to every team member, i.e. it has been talked through.
  • User story can be estimated.
  • User story is small enough to be achievable in one sprint.
  • There is nothing beyond the teams control that must be done first.
  • User story has a UI mockup (when necessary for the story).
  • A demo file has been planned.
  • For New Nodes it should be clear to what category it belongs.

Definition Of Done

  • No regression tests have been broken.
  • Technical debt has not been increased, unless it has been decided beforehand.
  • Larger code changes have been submitted for code review in phabricator. Smaller changes have been reviewed and merged upstream.
  • There is a simple .blend file that uses the feature. This can be used by developers to test the feature.
  • There are release notes (those could also be written before the sprint?).


Doing online scrum makes it hard to plan that everyone is present during all meetings. For that the progress meetings are late in the afternoon at 14:00 CEST time. Sprints start on Monday afternoon and stop on Monday morning.


Day/Time Meeting Comments
W1/Mon: 14:00 CEST Sprint Planning 1
W1/Mon: 15:00 CEST Sprint Planning 2
W1/Tue: 14:00 CEST Standup
W1/Wed: 14:00 CEST Standup
W1/Thu: 14:00 CEST Standup
W1/Fri: 14:00 CEST Standup
W2/Mon: 14:00 CEST Standup
W2/Tue: 14:00 CEST Standup
W2/Wed: 14:00 CEST Standup
W2/Thu: 14:00 CEST Standup
W2/Fri: 14:00 CEST Sprint demo
W2/Fri: 15:00 CEST Retrospective

Cycle #2

Period: 1/02/2021 - 26/3/2021


  • Wrap up studio requirements
  • Everything nodes design
  • Attribute workflow
  • Tools nodes


Cycle #1

Period: 19/10/2020 to 22/01/2021


  • Mesh scattering