Process/Release On Windows Store

Release on Windows Store

The below instructions are old. The preferred way of creating the MSIX package is using D8310. The instructions here will be updated once the patch has landed.

work-in-progress playbook for release on Windows Store


  • As clean Windows host as possible.
  • MSIX packaging tool. Install from its own Windows Store page
  • Official Blender installer (.msi)
  • Microsoft Live login credentials for Blender Foundation to its store page
  • No pending reboots

In the future

  • Have a virtual machine with a clean Windows install to create the package on


  1. Start MSIX Packaging tool (needs elevation)
  2. Select Application Package
  3. Select Create package on this computer
  4. If the tool suggests to reboot do so. Start from step 1) until you are here again
  5. Disable Windows Search (select Windows Search, then press Disable selected)
  6. Select the .msi file to use for Blender installation
  7. Select Do not sign package
  8. Fill in package information with data from credential store in use by team
    1. Also specify a install location. We have used Desktop\MyApps
    2. note make sure all data and selections have been made properly up to this point. When proceeding you cannot go back to this or prior pages.
  9. Let the packaging tool install Blender, use all defaults and the MyApps location on Desktop
  10. No further programs need to be executed as part of Blender setup
  11. Save Blender package with clear name (BlenderFoundation.Blender., with micro version increasing with each corrective release:,, etcetera)
  12. important edit the package with MSIX packaging tool, open the package manifest and ensure the following block is inside the Extensions tag:
        <uap3:Extension Category="windows.appExecutionAlias" Executable="VFS\ProgramFilesX64\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.83\blender.exe" EntryPoint="Windows.FullTrustApplication">
            <desktop:ExecutionAlias Alias="blender.exe" />
  1. Login to Windows Store page
  2. Update the existing package
    1. This will create a new submission
    2. Upload the newly created package
    3. Deselect the old version(s), leaving only the new package selected
    4. Submit

Once the new package has been submitted it takes anywhere between several hours to several days for the submission to complete, after which it can take up to 24 hours for the update to be available on all Windows Store markets.