Process/Release On Steam

Steam Release

This is a work in-progress playbook on how to release Blender on Steam.

Currently the process requires several manual steps and is not well documented.

Missing information:

  • Where to find the Steam ContentBuilder and ContentPrep apps
  • The actual app_build and depot_build template files

Original playbook to make a Steam Release:

  • Download all versions of Blender release and put them in a directory
  • Use python 2.7 to prepare the MacOS bundle for steam:
 python --console -v -s -d $OUTPUT/PATH -a 365670 --noscramble --nowrap
  • move prepared app bundles to source directory taking care to delete the originals first.
  • Tune the desc in the app_build***.vfd
  • Tune the paths in the VDF files
  • run the steam client:
 builder_osx/steamcmd +login <username> <password> +run_app_build_http ../scripts/app_build_365670.vdf +quit