Process/Release On Steam

Steam Release

To check:

  • Where to find the Steam ContentBuilder and ContentPrep apps, or update to very latest Steam SDK from steam partners page
  • The actual app_build and depot_build template files

Original playbook to make a Steam Release:

  • Download all versions of Blender release and put them in a directory
  • Use python 2.7 to prepare the MacOS bundle for steam:
 python --console -v -s -d $OUTPUT/PATH -a 365670 --noscramble --nowrap
  • move prepared app bundles to source directory taking care to delete the originals first.
  • Tune the desc in the app_build***.vfd
  • Tune the paths in the VDF files
  • run the steam client:
 builder_osx/steamcmd +login <username> <password> +run_app_build_http ../scripts/app_build_365670.vdf +quit


We also create an announcement on the steam platform to deploy the build - done on, then click the Hub Admin button, Post New Announcement. To be coordinated with the rest of the release PR.

Title: "Blender 2.83 Official Release is available"

Second title: <one-line teaser from release notes>


<initial paragraph from release notes> Read more about the full feature set on <a href=""></a>.


If you want to support Blender development, consider joining the <a href="">Blender Development Fund</a>.


  • Screenshot - delete recent-files.txt; run with -p 0 0 1920 1080 --factory-startup and screenshot without the window border, to be used in the text where <IMAGE SCREENSHOT>
  • Splashscreen - the splash_2x.png file converted to jpg.
  • Cover Image / Banner - 800x450 for event
  • Header Image - 1920x622 for event
  • Library Spotlight Banner - 2108x460 for event

Update Store Graphics

Note: images have maximum allowed file size of 5120Kb.

Under Store Page Admin > Graphical Assets

Store Assets

  • From splash screen:
    • 460px x 215px for Header Capsule Image, named header.jpg
    • 616px x 353px for Main Capsule Image, name capsule_616x353.jpg

Library Assets

  • Detail from banner with Blender logo overlayed
    • 600px x 900px for Library Capsule Image named library_600x900.jpg
    • 3840px x 1240px for Library Hero Image named library_hero.jpg