Project Definition

In order to create a project, a design should be presented, as well as engineering plan. Once this is created or approved by the product manager with the chief architect and the ux designer a team is created.

The milestones of a project should be defined beforehand. These are the moments when the code is to be send for review and merged.

The project page should be as simple and to the point as possible. Design and engineer plans can have dedicated tasks/docs, however a single-paragraph or bullet point version of it is important to keep the main project task compact.


Commissioner: Core developer or artist, sign off the project, works as client.

Project leader: Main developer responsible for the implementation, only in one project.

Project members: Optional other developers, can be in multiple projects at once.


Big picture: Short text explaining the vision of the project.

Use cases: Which specific scenarios will be tackled by the milestones.

Design: Mental model, end user usability, paradigms, mockups.

Engineer plan: Abstract code samples - linked here, UML, API guidelines, library changes.

Work plan

Milestone 1 Deliverables (usually the merge points) with a list of tasks and time estimate.

Milestone 2 Deliverables (usually the merge points) with a list of tasks and time estimate.

Branch: Existing patches or branches.

Relevant links: Existing design tasks, discussions, external links, ...