Process/Playbook Merge Handling

How to handle merge/commit scenarios

Fix committed to master, should be in stable

  • revert commit in master
  • apply to stable
  • merge stable down to master

Note: You could also cherry-pick commit from master into stable, but remember to handle merge back into master right after it to ensure master stays in correct state.

Bugfix has unintended changes

  • Discuss with other devs then either
  • Apply proper fix and merge down
  • Revert fix and reopen related task

Oops, I merged master into stabilizing branch

  • Revert the merge commit in stable branch and push
  • Merge down the new status
  • Revert the revert commit so master is again in state it should be

Someone forgot to merge stable down to master

  • Poke dev to remind to do, or if it is not hard just do merge yourself