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Blender contributors are organized into Modules. New contributors to the Blender project can find the right point of contact for design or code review here.

Modules consist of owners and members. Read more about their roles.

A module always maps to some components inside of Blender as the software. The Blender project as a whole also includes a number of other free and open source projects, such as websites, pipeline tools, documentation, infrastructure, ... These are organized differently.


Blender Foundation Chairman: Ton Roosendaal
Product Management: Ton Roosendaal (stand-in)
Development Coordinators: Dalai Felinto, Thomas Dinges
Admins: Bastien Montagne, Brecht Van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Dalai Felinto, Sergey Sharybin

The admins take decisions when no consensus can be reached among contributors or module owners. The admins confirm appointment of new module owners. Currently, the admins approve general technical and product decisions for the roadmap. In the near future, the Blender Institute will be hiring a dedicated Lead Architect and Lead Product Designer in these roles.

List of modules

Information about the module, names of developers involved and links to further module resources can be found on the Phabricator landing pages:

Module Description
Animation & Rigging Graph editor, dopespheet editor, NLA editor, keyframes, drivers, constraints, armatures, and more
Core DNA & RNA, .blend file format, undo system, core kernel code (ID management), Linking/Appending/Overrides of external data, the windowmanager and editors design, and general support libraries
Development Management Feature / code / design review, release, bug tracker, communication, documentation, forum, new contributors / onboarding, infrastructure and more
Grease Pencil Grease pencil drawing, editing, sculpting and all related to 2D animation module in Blender
Modeling Modeling tools such as meshes, modifiers, nurbs, curves, metaballs, transform, UV Editor, OpenSubdiv and more
Nodes & Physics Geometry nodes, function nodes, the node editor, simulations, and the many physics systems: rigid body, cloth, fluid & smoke (Mantaflow), softbody
Pipeline, Assets & I/O Import/export from/to non-native file formats, integration into production pipelines, and asset management
Platforms, Builds, Tests & Devices Platform automated tests, build system, release builds, build 3rd party libraries and more
Python & Add-ons Python API, Add-ons, the console the text editor and more
Rendering: EEVEE & Viewport EEVEE, workbench, overlays, GPU, OpenGL, Vulkan, Multi-View, Virtual Reality and more
Rendering: Render & Cycles Cycles, Render APIs, Freestyle, Baking and Color Management
Sculpt, Paint & Texture Sculpting, vertex and image painting
Triaging Triaging bug reports and first round of pull request review
User Interface User interface, Window Manager, UI drawing, internationalization, tools & operators, Outliner and more
VFX & Video Video sequencer, compositor, motion tracking, Libmv, audio