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Blender's Module Owners

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Platform Maintainers

Platform maintainers typically perform the following tasks:

  • Release builds.
  • Build 3rd party libraries for releases.
  • Keep the build-system working.
Owners Members
Linux Sergey Sharybin Campbell Barton, Bastien Montagne
Windows Ray Molenkamp Brecht Van Lommel
macOS Arto Kitula Brecht Van Lommel


Owners Members
User Interface Pablo Vazquez, William Reynish, Campbell Barton, Brecht Van Lommel Julian Eisel
Window Manager Campbell Barton, Brecht Van Lommel, Julian Eisel
Drawing & OpenGL Clément Foucault
Internationalization Bastien Montagne
DNA & RNA Campbell Barton, Bastien Montagne, Brecht Van Lommel
Tools & Operators Campbell Barton Julian Eisel
Build System Campbell Barton


Owners Members
Python API Campbell Barton Andrew Hale, Bastien Montagne
Addons Campbell Barton, Bastien Montagne, Brendon Murphy


Owners Members
Animation Joshua Leung
Append & Link & Static Override Bastien Montagne
Audio Jörg Müller
Compositor Jeroen Bakker, Sergey Sharybin
Data-Blocks Management Bastien Montagne
Dependency Graph Sergey Sharybin Joshua Leung
Grease Pencil Antonio Vazquez, Joshua Leung Daniel Lara, Matias Mendiola
Images & Video Sergey Sharybin, Campbell Barton
Render Brecht Van Lommel, Clément Foucault
Render / Eevee Clément Foucault Dalai Felinto, Brecht Van Lommel
Render / Cycles Brecht Van Lommel, Sergey Sharybin, Lukas Stockner Stefan Werner, Thomas Dinges
Render / Freestyle Tamito Kajiyama Brecht Van Lommel
Render / Multiview Dalai Felinto Brecht Van Lommel
Render / Baking Dalai Felinto, Brecht Van Lommel
Meshes, Modifiers Campbell Barton, Bastien Montagne Howard Trickey
Motion Tracking Sergey Sharybin Sebastian Koenig, Sean Kennedy
NURBS, Curves, Text, Metaballs Campbell Barton Bastien Montagne, Sergey Sharybin
Physics / Rigid Body Sergej Reich
Physics / Other


Specific editors not listed here are maintained by the user interface team.

Owners Members
3D View Clément Foucault, Campbell Barton
3D View / Sculpting
3D View / Painting Campbell Barton
Dopespheet / Graph / NLA / Timeline Joshua Leung
UV/Image Editor Brecht Van Lommel, Campbell Barton
Sequence Editor Richard Antalík Sergey Sharybin, Campbell Barton
Console Campbell Barton
Text Editor Campbell Barton
Node Editor Brecht Van Lommel
File Browser Editor Bastien Montagne
Outliner Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto
Clip Editor Sergey Sharybin Sebastian Koenig, Sean Kennedy

Import / Export

Owners Members
COLLADA Gaia Clary
Alembic Sybren Stüvel Kévin Dietrich


Owners Members
Audaspace Jörg Müller
IK Solver Brecht Van Lommel
ItaSC Benoit Bolsee
Libmv Sergey Sharybin
OpenSubdiv Sergey Sharybin