Modules/User Interface

User Interface Module

User interface and experience. Window manager, Draw, Internationalization, Tools & Operators, Outliner and more.


Julian Eisel

Lots of work going on, getting ready for the 2.92 release and adding new features for 2.93. Julian is working on Asset Browser - getting it to Milestone 1 - and also on improving drag and drop. Nathan is busy adding lots of new features to Outliner. Hans is working on Geometry Nodes and doing lots of refactoring. Harley's working on window creation changes, and hoping for commit of this. Yevgeny is fixing lots of layout alignment issues. And, as always, Campbell and Brecht making sure we do it all correctly.


Get Involved

If you want to help improve the Blender UI, start by building blender, and setting up your own development environment. Then learn about the source code and our style guides. Communicate with other developers listed above by joining the Devtalk forums, and chat on #blender-coders. There is even a list of "Good First Issues" to explore, and a huge bug list to consider. Contact our "Onboarding Envoy" if you get lost.

Note that when you do submit a patch for this Module you should select "rB Blender" as Repository, set Reviewers to "User Interface", and also add "User Interface" to the Tags.

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