Modules/Animation-Rigging/Code Review

Animation & Rigging: Code Review

Before submitting a patch, read through Contributing Code.

When a patch is to be reviewed by the Animation & Rigging module, do the following:

  • Make sure the patch description follows the Ingredients of a Patch guideline.
  • Add the 'Animation & Rigging' project as blocking reviewer, and add at least one developer and one artist as regular (non-blocking) reviewers.
  • Tag the patch with the 'Animation & Rigging' project. This can only be done after the patch has been created, so you'll have to edit it after creation.

Module/Project as Blocking Reviewer

Having the project as blocking reviewer makes it possible for a single reviewer to accept a patch, without that patch immediately going into "Accepted" state. Any reviewer in the module can choose whether to accept/reject as her/himself, as the module, or both.

The Animation & Rigging module is currently the only one using this approach. It is an experiment to see how we like it, which can be extended to more areas of Blender if it turns out positive.