Buildbot: How To Get Builds

Downloading From Buildbot

Access builds from the download page.

Click on the Daily | Experimental | Patch | Library links to view various pipeline category builds.

Click on the Buildbot | Builders links to access Buildbot Home and Builder pages.

Your current platform will be selected.

MacOS now has two architectures Arm (Apple Silicon / M1) and Intel

2021-05-27 15 57 06-Blender Builds -

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Archived Builds

Archived builds can be accessed by selecting the All Archived Builds link.

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Archived builds are available for a maximum of 25 days, then they are purged from the system.

File Naming Convention

File name format is based on Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Format description:


Example file name:


Example regular expression for parsing web page download:

	$regexp = '^(?<app_id>(blender))\-' + `
		'(?<version_id>[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+)\-' + `
		'(?<risk_id>[a-z]+)\+' + `
		'(?<branch_id>[A-Za-z0-9_\-]+)\.' + `
		'(?<commit_hash>[a-fA-F0-9]+)\-' + `
		'(?<platform>[A-Za-z0-9_]+)\.' + `
		'(?<architecture>[A-Za-z0-9_]+)\-' + `
		'(?<build_configuration>(release|debug))\.' + `

The element <branch_id> is trimmed of redundant information such as blender- and -release words from the branch name of all release branches

Using Steam Test Branches

You can now get Blender daily Alpha, Beta and Candidate builds from Buildbot via Steam for all supported platforms.

Switching to daily build branches

Available Blender continuous delivery test branches are:

  • daily-2.83 -> Candidate
  • daily-2.93 -> Candidate
  • daily-3.0 -> Alpha - Version In Development (master)

Right click on Blender app and then select Properties...

Select properties

Select BETAS and the branch you require, scroll down the the very bottom.

Select branch

Steam will download new version upon selection.

Close the Properties windows and wait for to date to finish to launch.

Wait for update

Click on the Launch button.

2021-07-16 11 12 02-Greenshot image editor.png

Switching back to default versions

Go back to Properties.../BETAS and select None from branch list.

Using new Blender launcher

The vdev branch now has new launcher you can test out.

2021-07-16 12 09 47-Blender - Steam.png

Using Snap Test Channels

For Linux users, you can now get Blender nightly Alpha, Beta and Candidate builds from Buildbot via Snap store.

Snap services must be installed and running prior to running these commands.

First time install - latest stable version

$> sudo snap install blender --channel latest/stable --classic

Version in development (vdev) - master branch

$> sudo snap refresh blender --channel latest/edge/master
blender (edge/master) 3.0.0 from Blender Foundation (blenderfoundation✓) refreshed

Testing Blender version

$> blender --version
Blender 3.0.0 Alpha
        build date: 2021-07-16
        build time: 00:04:51
        build commit date: 2021-07-15
        build commit time: 20:23
        build hash: 98c4224ff032
        build platform: Linux
        build type: release

2.93 LTS - Candidate

$> sudo snap refresh blender --channel 2.93lts/candidate
blender (2.93lts/candidate) 2.93.2 from Blender Foundation (blenderfoundation✓) refreshed

2.83 LTS - Candidate

$> sudo snap refresh blender --channel 2.83lts/candidate
blender (2.83lts/candidate) 2.83.17 from Blender Foundation (blenderfoundation✓) refreshed