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Blender Summer of Code 2021 - Ideas

This page collects potential ideas and mentors for student projects in the summer of 2021.

Contacting us

You can contact us via our developers forum or bf-committers mailing list.
Also on

For matters you prefer to discuss in private, mail Ton Roosendaal: ton at

General information for students and (potential) mentors

The list below provides ideas for projects that:

  • A student can complete in 12 weeks (not too easy and not too hard);
  • Implements a feature that developers have agreed would be a great improvement for Blender.

Choosing an idea from this list is not mandatory. Students are free to submit their own proposals or modified versions of the ideas from this page.

See also


A mentor should be someone with Blender coding experience, who can guide a student during all stages of the work, from design to implementation.


Students who wish to apply should first carefully read the Getting Started page and check if all the conditions to participate are met.

If by some reason you can not participate or are not a student, your contribution outside of the program is still welcome! Feel free to develop an idea from the page as long as no student chose it.

We especially invite students to contribute based on their past experience and competencies, or based on their current research.

Nearly all project ideas will require a strong working knowledge of C and/or C++. In addition, we use Python for much of our interface code (anyone skilled in C/C++ can trivially learn enough Python to make the needed interface code changes). An exception to this are projects where only Python is required.

Getting Started


To get an idea of what sort of project can be done for Blender and of the current development direction, see:


Cycles Rendering



User Interface

Virtual Reality



Automated Testing