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Blender 2.78: Viewport & Render

Cycles Viewport

The Cycles viewport render now supports more shading nodes and options.

  • Support all procedural textures in Material Cycles viewport (0405bbe, b79214b, 7ab55d8, c6ea288, d5b843b, ecf534e, 2f97865)
  • Support bump mapping in viewport (120492a).
  • ⇧ ShiftZ now toggles between current shading mode and rendered one
  • Rendered viewport will use previous shading mode for the areas outside of the render border
  • Support vertex color attribute in GLSL shading (a830280)
  • Support all projection methods for Image Texture node (4aaf7b0)
Noise, Voronoi Wave and Musgrave textures are not supported in the viewport on macOS due to intrinsic limitations of OpenGL drivers which don't allow newer features to be used side-by-side with older ones. This textures requires OpenGL 3.0 so some old cards might also be unsupported on other platforms.

Blender Render Viewport

The Blender GLSL viewport now supports more shading features to match the final render:

  • Environment lighting using the sky color and white modes. (fe44eacf)
  • Environment map texture reflection with nodes. (d4eb28ab, 4aaf5bac)
  • Mirror environment texture influence. (da2dfaad)
  • Normal Map node from Cycles, with multiple tangent spaces. (5abae51a)
File:2 78 env lighting.png
Environment Lighting
File:2 78 node mirror.png
Mirror Reflection
File:2 78 mirror.png
Mirror Influence
File:2 78 normal map.png
Normal Map node

Shading Space

Blender Render shading can now optionally be computed in world space rather than camera space. This is often more convenient and matches Cycles shading nodes behavior. The option can be found in the Shading panel in the Render properties. (0da13ad1)


File:2 78 stamp metadata.png
Stamped metadata without labels

The stamp metadata feature now supports hiding the labels to save space (for example the "Camera" in front of the camera name). This can be useful for rendering smaller images, for example thumbnails for a pose library. (40d072ca)