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Blender 2.78: User Interface


File:Ui operator search categories.png
Category column in operator search-popup.
  • Eyedropper: Esc or RMB Template-RMB.png now cancels the eyedropper and resets the button to its initial value. ↵ Enter was added for confirming.
  • Eyedropper: Support user configurable shortcuts
  • Operator Search: show operator categories in search. (d49985ce)
  • Operator Search: Searching now supports multi word filtering. (80a7efdc1d39)
  • Radial operator (used for brush size/strength setting) now always displays the tool name + current value in the header. (9815262) Also, the precision of the reported values has been tweaked to be more useful/less intrusive (74399e0)
  • Incremental snapping intervals for UV editor were made smaller, thus making snapping more precise. (9c600435)
  • X11: Hotplug support for xinput, allows for plugging/unplugging tablets without restarting (6ce0ddae)


  • Sequencer sound strips now either show the waveform or the strip name/file name/duration, but never both. (633e93e27)
  • Added extra waveform visualization for image editor. (a76e69f)

Command Line

The --render-frame argument now supports multiple comma separated frames as well as frame ranges (16f919ea). Examples:

blender -b test.blend --render-frame 1,2,4,8               # individual frames
blender -b test.blend --render-frame 1..100                # frame ranges
blender -b test.blend --render-frame 1,2,10..40,100..200   # both

Render Border

  • In the 3D view, drawing a border around the entire camera frame now limits viewport rendering to within the camera frame (5b99dd58)
  • Cache render results, save buffers and full sample antialiasing now work with border rendering (7fcab332)