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Blender 2.78: Modeling

Boolean Modifier

Template:Warning/Important Boolean modifier now uses BMesh backend by default, instead of Carve (both remain available). While common sane usages of booleans should give same results with both, some non-standard geometries (non-closed ones, “reversed” [i.e. with normals inward] ones, etc.) may give different results. And limit cases (co-planar etc.) may work with one backend and not the other.

Curve Editing

  • New freehand curve drawing tool. (8ac662c7)
    • Access with Shift-LMB or from the 'Create' toolbar tab.
    • Uses curve fitting for bezier curves, with error and corner angle options.
    • Optional tablet pressure to curve radius mapping.
    • Depth can use the cursor or optionally draw onto the surface, for the entire stroke or using the stroke start.
    • Stroke plane can optionally be perpendicular to, or aligned to the surface normal.
    • Optional radius tapering and for start/end points.
    • Supports operator redo and calling from Python.
  • New dissolve tool. removes vertices, re-fitting the surrounding handles. (143f6c4b)


  • Support ngons (intermediate triangulation). (57cff46c)
  • Use double precision to calculate optimized positions. (5ea27bec)
  • Add decimate edit-mode tool. (8bb69b61)


The bevel tool now supports changing the profile (shape) by toggling P key and then using mouse movements. Similarly, you can use mouse movements to change the number of segments by toggling the S key. Numeric input can be used as well after toggling the respective keys.


  • Path select can now also select regions using the Fill Region option or Ctrl⇧ ShiftRMB Template-RMB.png. (a55477d3)
  • Add "Snap Selection to Active" option in menu (91556cb9)

Memory Usage

Edit-mode undo memory has been optimized, using around 5x-15x less memory, depending on the editing operations. (91bfdacd)