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Blender 2.76: More Features

Animation/Movie player

  • Animation player (blender -a) now supports sound playback for movies
  • It's possible to pause and start a movie by using Space
  • An indicator feature is added to display the current position of the player in the played movie. To toggle, press I


  • Sculpting now allows tiling strokes to create repeating patterns while sculpting. Options can be found in the "Symmetry" panel in the toolbar (0c0db92) <br\> <br\> Compatibility warning
    2D painting also uses the new options under the "Tiling" panel in Tools tab and now allows tiling separately in X and Y dimensions. The old "wrap" option is removed.

Weight Painting

Datablock Previews in .blend Files

rB8d37aaeca1f9d extends and make useful again our .blend file datablocks preview system, it:

  • Adds preview to Object, Group and Scene IDs, along with some basic pyscripting to generate such previews.
  • Exposes ID previews to RNA.

Basic previews handling is in File→Data Previews menu. And RNA allows pretty much every one to write e.g. a small addon running before file save to generate your own previews as you want.

Multiple Link/Append at Once

You can now select and link/append multiple datablocks (of different types and even from different files) in a single operation.


  • context menus for scenes [with single entry "Delete" atm.] (d94137e).


File:Part info rel276.png
Particle Info Node
  • Support of half float multi-layer EXR files (9d796df)
  • Particle Info Node supported in node trees for blender internal and in the viewport thanks to a patch by the Blend4Web team. (3894066)
  • Add argument --python-expr to pass Python code directly as arguments (958c208).
  • Boundingbox support for lattices [in viewport drawing, bpy, using "Dimensions"] (3fa0a1a).