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Blender 2.76: Modeling


  • Displace Modifier: added an option to displace along (averaged) custom normals, instead of vertex normals (rB487d2cb4f321).


Data Transfer

Data transfer operator has a new option 'auto transform', which (tries to!) find the best way to match source and destination meshes. This means that e.g. if you have two copies of the same mesh, but translated/rotated/scaled differently, you can now try to transfer data between them without bothering about making the meshes 'match' first.

Note that you'll get best results with exact same (or very, very similar) meshes (at least on the vertex level), more approximative similarities, though working rather OK, will generally not give you as good results as a careful manual placing of your meshes.

Also, this option was not added to the modifier, for two main reasons:

  • It does not make much sense in the modifier usually.
  • It makes the whole mapping process about 33% slower, and without it transfer is already rather slow, so…

Commit: rBdd44754c5ff3b.

And Data Transfer operator now has a 'freeze' setting to prevent operator from re-running when changing settings (rB96f20c34a2).

UV Editing



  • Absolute grid snap option for the 3D View (access from the header),
    applies while transforming, so you can position the selection to align exactly to the grid. (5edff01920a40319347a7796b1b1359e7a6fd92d)
  • Volume snapping optimizations (rB5b6deea647)
  • Show angles of adjacent selected vertices during transformation (rB55374426c6)