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The Blender source code and add-on repositories have moved to Git, however some things remain in Subversion repositories for now:

  • Translations
  • Prebuilt library dependencies

Repositories from old projects on are also still accessible through svn.

Repository access

Access to the repositories is provided via https:// both for anonymous (read access) and commit access (write access).

The web interface is a convenience for browsing the sources.


Windows and Mac OS X libraries:

Read Access

The source code can be checked out anonymously.

You will need a Subversion client. Most systems have one installed by default. For a list of clients see Overview of Subversion clients.

When you checkout, you will probably see an error message about the certificate that is not issued by a trusted authority. However, the certificate is fully functional and will ensure secure transit of the data. You can permanently accept this certificate.

If you get the message "Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm" without proposing to accept the certificate, open with the file ~/.subversion/servers and add on the bottom of it:

ssl-trust-default-ca = no

Commit Access

First, do a checkout with the following command:

svn checkout --username MyUserName<some_repository>

Next, you may be prompted for a password. This is the password used to login at

(Note: Subversion will store your password on your local system and use it next time you communicate with the repository.)

Additional information