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Communicating is super important!

Blender is a community project. It relies on its users to support each other, spread news, and continuously improve Blender.

With millions of downloads, Blender has relatively few contributors. It is essential that information flows in both directions between users and developers in a useful manner.

Copyright and Guidelines

Blender is an open source project, but developers and contributors need to take copyrights of proprietary software into account. Please read the Copyright Rules carefully before you start concepting a contribution to Blender / submit a proposal to any of the Blender communication platforms.

General guidelines for communication have been outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Contact Developers

Mailing Lists

The main development discussion mailing list is:

If none of the lists below seem to fit your question, this is the one you want to mail. You can find information on how to subscribe and browse the archives through the bf-committers list info page.

For reading only:

Documentation, Translation and Education:


Blender developer Discourse: similar to mailing lists, but in modern forum format. For discussion about Blender development.


Most developers are active on the #blender-coders channel on

See here for a full overview of popular chat channels.

Decisions and Planning

Blender's code is organized in modules; libraries or directories with files sharing a certain functionality. For each module, the module owners are responsible for maintenance and bug fixes. They also define - together with their team - roadmaps or todos for the module, aligned with the overall release cycles and roadmaps.

  • Blender Modules - who to contact when you have questions or patches for a specific area within the Blender code base.

Weekly Development Updates

Every Monday an update report is published to devtalk and bf-committers. This is the one document to direct anyone interested on finding about what is happening in Blender.

This report is compiled by multiple hands:

  • Announcements: Everyone.
  • Modules and Projects: Modules and project members.
  • New Features and Changes: Assigned developer (Hans Goudey).
    • The list of commits is organized manually, but cleanup and fix commits are filtered out automatically with this script: git log --no-merges --since 7.days.ago --pretty=format:"%h%x09%ar%x09%s ([commit]( (_%an_)" | grep -v "Fix " | grep -v "Cleanup:"
  • Welcomes, final edit and publishing: Development coordinator (Dalai Felinto).

Modules Meetings

Most modules have regular meetings. Their announcements and final notes are in devtalk.

Bug Tracker

Our bug tracker and development infrastructure are hosted at

  • Bug Reports can be filed there, for Blender, Add-ons and infrastructure projects.
  • Patches that add or improve code can be submitted for review.

User Feedback and Requests

Blender has magnitudes of more users than people who are involved with making it. That makes handling user feedback and feature requests - or even tracking them sanely - nearly impossible.

Instead we try to organize ourselves in ways that development and users can cooperate closely. For each module in Blender, there's a small and competent team working on it - including users helping out. You can find this information listed above. Feel welcome to use our channels and get involved with making Blender better.

As alternatives we like to mention:

  • Add ideas on the community-run Right-Click Select website
  • User feedback forum for feedback on ongoing development
  • Make sure your proposal is documented and published in public. Post this on the appropriate public lists, or on public forums (such as It doesn't really matter where, a lot of users out there probably can tell you whether it's already there, already planned, a great new idea, or simply not possible.