Blender 2.8 Project: Proposals

Users can use this site to link to their proposals. Please don't fill this page with feature requests, but with concrete ideas including possible ways to implement them into interface and workflow. Randomly throwing loose ideas at us isn't going to help much. As an example, this is a good proposal.
There's no guarantee that the proposals will be implemented. We think it will be a useful guidance for developers though.

Note: This site is strictly moderated.

Phabricator Project
there is now a BF Blender: 2.8 phabricator project too, please remember to link it to your design tasks & co.

User Interface

Data Management

  • Asset Manager
    • ID remap (sub-part of asset, cleanup/refactor/enhancements of our ID handling allowing live reloading) - See D2027.
  • Workgroups


Cycles Render Engine





Game Engine

Python API

  • Some proposed changes are listed here: T47811.