Building Blender/CUDA

Building Blender with CUDA and Optix

For GPU accelerated rendering with Cycles on NVIDIA graphics cards, additional build configuration is needed.


Install CUDA Toolkit 10.1. It must be this exact version, older or newer versions may not work correctly.

Change the CMake configuration to enable building CUDA binaries:


If you will be using the build only on your own computer, you can compile just the kernel needed for your graphics card, to speed up building. For that you need to edit CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES_ARCH in the CMake configuration, and leave only the architectures needed for your GPU.


For rendering with Optix to take advantage of hardware acceleration in RTX cards, you need to install the Optix SDK 7.0. This is supported on Windows and Linux currently.

CUDA must first be set up as described above.

Change the CMake configuration to enable building with Optix and point to the Optix installation directory: