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2012-12-09 – ver 1.0
2012-12-10 – ver 1.1:
- bug fix. Prevent unexpected changes in compositor when adjusting materials
2012-12-10 – ver 1.2:
– Added “Copy Active Node’s Attributes” options (Ctrl-C)
2012-12-13 – ver 1.3:
– Added options for Cycles Shaders, Changed “Copy Attributes” shortcut to Ctrl-Shift-C to avoid conflicts with default “copy node” shortcut
2012-12-15 - ver 1.4:
- UI changes and added option to batch change factors of Mix nodes or Mix Shaders. alt left/right arrow - change by 0.1, alt shift left/right arrow - change by 0.01
2012-12-19 - ver 1.5:
- UI changes, automatic output type detection to use proper nodes for merging, copy label option added, code cleanup, few minor keyboard shortcut changes
2012-12-20 - ver 1.51:
- Fixed main manu. Copy Properties menu updated
2012-12-28 - ver 1.6:
- Improved behavior of "Align Nodes". Takes width and height of nodes into account and behaves correctly when wrapped in frames
2012-12-29 - ver 1.7:
- bug fix - Copying nodes' settings was breaking links in some cases. ver 1.7 fixes this.
2013-01-04 - ver 1.8:
- some poll functions corrected and "Add Texture Setup" operator improvements.
2013-01-09 - ver 1.9:
- Changes in "Link Active to Selected". Links are made to first of the input sockets that have the same type as output. If none of input sockets of selected node has the same time - link is made to first socket.
2013-01-11 - ver. 2.0:
- Added option to select nodes inside frame (children) or select "parent", i.e. frame(s) that the nodes are attached to. Keyboard shortcuts - '[ - select "parent", ']' - select "children". This doesn't deselect selected nodes, but it adds to selection.
2013-01-12 - ver. 2.0.01:
- Added select parent / children menu items to "Select" menu in node editor
2013-01-14 - ver. 2.0.02:
- Fixed bug: addon didn't work properly inside node groups.
- Fixed behavior of "Align Nodes" - removed unaxpected shift.
2013-01-14 - ver. 2.0.03:
- Fixed major issue from 2.0.02. Wrong tests in set_convenience_variables(context): tests checking if node group is edited were completely wrong.
2013-01-16 - ver. 2.0.04:
- Changed axes of "Align Nodes"
2013-02-01 - ver. 2.0.05:
- Code cleanup after code review
2013-02-02 - ver. 2.0.06:
- Keymap items handling corrected according to:
2013-03-14 - ver. 2.0.07:
- "Add Switches to outputs" changed to "Add Reroutes to Outputs" (new shortcut - SLASH)
- "Add Reroutes to Outputs" added options to add to all or only to loose outputs.
- Added - "Swap Reroutes and Switches" (Shift-S) - change reroutes to switches and vice-verca.
- Changed "Copy Label" - new options: "from active", "from node", "from socket" (Shift-C)
- Added "Clear Label" (Alt-L)
- Merge Nodes change - now new merging node added even of only one node selected
Code Clean Up:
- Made use of new available attributes - 'node.width', 'output.links', 'input.links' - (classes affected: NodesCopySettings)
2013-03-19 - ver. 2.0.08:
- Updates needed to match API changes. When adding nodes - different way of identifying nodes' types needed.
WARNING: Doesn't work with previous versions of Blender including official 266a release.
- Marge Nodes: Ctrl-0 merges all selected nodes except Shaders using 'Mix' node with 'Mix' blend type.
- When nodes with mixed output types are selected - 'Mix' nodes will be used (doesn't apply to SHADERS).
2013-03-20 - ver. 2.0.09:
Additional keyboard shortcuts for merging nodes, changing blend types or operations.
The goal was to allow to use not only numpad keys, but regular keys as well.
In 'Add Reroutes to Outputs' - now it's possible to use numpad slash and regular slash.
2013-03-21 - ver. 2.0.10:
Code clean up. No functional changes.
- change names of some properties of classes.
- replacing EnumProperties with StringProperties.
- Changes in some menus, adding new menus to match new classes properties.
- Different handling of keymap items. Because of large number of keymap items - their properties wrapped in tuples.
2013-03-22 - ver. 2.0.11:
In LinkActiveToSelected:
- change name of variable to more meaningful name.
In ReroutesSwitchesSwap:
- Bug fix - When swapping nodes not linked to anything - error occured. Now it's fixed.
2013-03-22 - ver. 2.0.12:
Swap Nodes:
Additional options: 'MIX_RGB', 'MATH, 'ALPHAOVER',
Link Active To Selected:
- New shortcuts and new behavior.
- (Shift-F): First input of the same type as active node's output will be linked if it's free.
- To replace existing links - use (Ctrl-Shift-F).
- (Alt-F) will link active to selected basing on names. Menu is called and user can select option to use active node's name/label and compare it with selected nodes' names, or base on outputs' names.
Add Reroutes to Outputs:
- Changed spacing between newly added reroutes to match latest changes in displaying outputs of nodes. They are now a bit more apart from one another.
2013-03-23 - ver. 2.1.0:
In SwapNodes:
- added option to swap shaders.
- replaced lists with tuples when defining 'replace' variable.
- minor changes in some 'for' loops
2013-03-24 - ver. 2.1.1:
Fixed behavior of 'Link Active To Selected' when outputs names are used.
When relinking between Render Layers inputs and pre-rendered MultiLayerEXR - names of outputs of both types of nodes are taken.
2013-03-24 - ver. 2.1.2:
In 'Add Reroutes to Outputs' added option 'to Linked Outputs'
2013-03-25 - ver. 2.1.3:
Code clean up. Replaced StringProperty with EmunProperty or BoolProperty in several classes.
2013-03-27 - ver. 2.1.4:
Code clean up after code review:
2013-03-27 - ver. 2.20:
Code clean up. Addon moved to trunk.
2013-04-02 - ver. 2.21:
Keymap Item for LinkUseNamesMenu changed from alt-F to Shift-Alt-F.
Recent changes introduced 'Find' option and keyboard shortcut for that is 'Alt-F', so there was a conflict.
2013-04-03 - ver. 2.22:
SSS Shader added in 'Swap Shaders', shortucts conflicts addressed.
- New Subsurface Scattering Shader has been added, so Nodes Efficiency Tools 'Swap Shaders' needed to be updated to take SSS into account.
- Revision 55718 changed keyboard shortcuts for 'Find nodes' and 'Make Links with Replace'.
(Ctrl-F for 'Find Nodes' and Shift-F for 'Make Links with Replace')
Those changes caused shortcuts conflicts with Nodes Efficiency Tools 'Link Active To Selected'.
New shortcuts for 'Link Active to Selected' are as follows:
BACK_SLASH - call 'Link Active to Selected' menu
K - link to all selected, don't replace links.
Shift-K - link to all selected, replace links.
QUOTE - link to selected when node name matches, don't replace links.
Shift - QUOTE - link to selected when node name matches, replace links.
SEMI_COLON - link to selected when outputs names matche, don't replace links.
Shift - SEMI_COLON - link to selected when outputs names match, replace links.
2013-04-05 - ver. 2.23:
In Swap Shaders added ability to swap to 'Add Shader' and to 'Mix Shader' and few minor changes in naming of variables
2013-04-08 - ver. 2.24:
Better behavior of 'Swap Nodes'. More options passed from old node to new one.
2013-04-13 - ver. 2.25:
Changed axes in 'Align Nodes'. Reverted unwanted change introduced when cleaning the code.
'Align Horizontally' is now the equivelent of s -> x -> 0 with even spacing
'Align Vertically': s -> y -> 0 with even spacing
2013-04-26 - ver. 2.26:
In 'Merge Nodes' when first selected node is linked to anything - last added merging node will be linked to the same sockets. This gives possibility to kind of 'insert' merges into existing noodle.
2013-05-04 - ver. 2.27:
In 'Swap Nodes' when swapping shaders - sockets' default value is passed when names of old and new nodes' sockets match
2013-05-08 - ver. 2.28:
Added two new options:
1. Detach Outputs (Shift Alt D): Detaches Outputs leaving inputs linked.
2. Link to Output Node (O): Links active node to tree output node. Output node is 'Composite' node or 'Material Output', 'Lamo Output' or 'World Output'.
2013-05-16 - ver. 2.29:
In 'Detach Outputs' invoke translate operator after all other operations. This gives same behavior as we have in 'Detach Node' operator.
2013-05-17 - ver. 2.30:
Added keyboard shortcut for 'Copy Label from Active to Selected' - (Shift-V)
2013-05-19 - ver. 2.31:
Fix in 'Merge Nodes' to prevent creating cyclic dependencies when nodes to be marged are linked between one another.
2013-07-29 - ver. 2.32:
In 'Swap Shaders' added TOON shader.
Changed order of 'Swap Shaders' list to match current order in 'Add Shader' menu.

2013-12-09 - ver. 3.00:
Merge Nodes Efficiency Tools with Greg Zaal's Node Wrangler

New Features:
- Lazy Connect
- Lazy Mix
- Delete Unused Nodes
- Swap Outputs
- Reset Backdrop
- Add UV Layout attribute node
- Add Vertex Color attribute node
- Shader Viewer
- Frame Selected Nodes (wrap nodes in frame)
- Reload all images
- Modify Labels

Modified features:
- Switch Node Type - now every node's type can be changed to any other.
Links will be preserved whenever possible.

2014-03-13 - ver. 3.3:
Node Wrangler - Updates and new features


  • Better positions for new Mix nodes
  • Replace Swap Outputs with a generic Swap Links function: It works the same if two nodes are selected. If one node with one input linked is selected, the link is cycled through the available inputs. If one node with two inputs linked is selected, the two links are swapped (useful if you want to swap the inputs of a Mix node for example)
  • Lazy functions now work on nodes that are in frames

New features:

  • Add Image Sequence - just a speedy way to select just one image from a sequence in the file browser and have it automatically detect the length of the sequence and set the node appropriately
  • Add Multiple Images - simply allows you to select more than one image and adds a node for each (useful for importing multiple render passes or renders for image stacking)

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